Crowdguard – Bringing industrial engineering standards to H.V.M.

Laurence Goode

Laurence Goode


Founder chairman of the PSSA (Perimeter Security Suppliers Association) talks about Crowdguards mission to increase standards within installation of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Crowdguard are a specialist H.V.M. (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) provider and installer, dedicated to increasing public safety and freedom for crowds and public events.

Crowdguard was launched specifically to bring together the professional skills of an industrial engineering company (Ainscough Industrial Services,) a wealth of industry experience in the design, testing and application of H.V.M. products, and a commitment to the highest installation standards without compromise.

H.V.M products are often key to keeping the public safe from terrorist attack, while maintaining public freedom at major public events and are the result of huge development programmes and the most rigorous testing regimes. However, without professional installation to the designed standards these products can be rendered worthless. Worse, poorly installed H.V.M. schemes can provide a false sense of security so that in the event of an incident, damage and loss of life can be far worse than had no mitigation scheme been installed at all.

Crowdguard are now proud members of the PSSA (Perimeter Security Suppliers Association) though Crowduard’s leadership have been involved with the PSSA from its inception and indeed were key to the development and introduction of the PSSA and its pioneering H.V.M. industry Verification Scheme. Crowdguard are looking forward to involvement and contribution to help develop H.V.M. installation standards further and to keep pace with H.V.M. product development.

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