Vehicle as Weapon Attack (VAW)

Vehicles as weapons (VAW) is a low complexity methodology requiring little or no training. With a plentiful source of vehicles on UK roads, it is therefore within the capability of individuals to try and steal one and use it in an attack.

Crowded public spaces are targeted by this type of attack. There are a range of online terrorist and extremist materials aimed at inspiring terrorists to carry out VAW attacks and previous attacks have encouraged copycats, who now see VAW as a successful means to cause terror. Lorries and vans pose an increased risk if used in VAW attacks because of their size, profile and weight, all of which increase the potential impact.

This is a real threat: there have been numerous VAW attacks in the UK and around the world in recent years, killing and injuring hundreds of innocent people.

Consequently, VAW remains a likely attack methodology for the foreseeable future.

Following this guidance will help reduce the possibility of one of your vehicles being used as a weapon.