UK must review possible terror targets, chief coroner says

The chief coroner for England and Wales, Judge Mark Lucraft in his report regarding the London Bridge Vehicle Attack Inquest has included in his recommendations that
‘consideration be given to taking measures to make CTSAs, police forces and local authorities aware of protective security equipment / infrastructure which can be installed in response to emerging threats (including the criteria and timescales for making particular forms of asset available)’

We would welcome the opportunity to work closely with Counter Terrorism Policing and local authorities to identify where we could work together in a collaborative partnership to better protect the public in response to emerging threats and especially in times of extreme crisis.

Also included was evidence from Deputy Assistant Commissioner D’Orsi suggesting that ‘police working in the front line of counter-terrorism protective security would appreciate the introduction of a clear legal duty on private owners of sites to take reasonable steps to ensure protection of visitors from a terrorist attack’.

This is an area that we have commented on previously in depth to highlight the need to mitigate against the threat and to deter terrorists through primary legislation and not purely moral conscience. There is a real and urgent need as the next attack is sadly a case of when not if, so there needs to be proactive action now from government rather than reactive in response to an attack

8 People were killed during the London Bridge attack in 2017