Sheffield Christmas Market runs from Thursday 14th November until Christmas Eve, Tuesday 24th December in the heart of the city centre and Crowdguard were requested by Sheffield City Council to provide hostile vehicle mitigation for the market area.

Sheffield is one of the largest cities in the UK with its name synonymous with the steel industry worldwide and has a busy thriving city centre. The Christmas Market is an annual event, which has grown over recent years and attracts significant numbers of visitors into city centre businesses.

The market consists of wooden cabins resembling an Alpine village together with a big wheel and of course Santa Claus in his Grotto without whom  it just wouldn’t be Christmas!


The area around Fargate, which is the central shopping area is pedestrianized during business hours, however there is access at three locations to enable deliveries outside of these times. Crowdguard supplied and deployed 46 metres of Surface Guard covering the three locations over a six week period. The client required that there had to be unhindered access for pedestrians whilst keeping vehicles out, but that outside of opening times delivery vehicles had to have access to supply the shops and stalls.

The ideal solution was of course ATG Surface Guard, which is pedestrian permeable, but also allows authorised vehicles to enter as appropriate. Training was provided to staff identified by the council on how to safely raise and lower the spikes over the course of the deployment.

This was a complex installation as it was conducted in the heart of an extremely busy city centre and the Ainscough Industrial Services team had to contend with a mix of shoppers and market stall holders, who all wanted to go about their business unhindered. Health and safety is paramount and the team together with assistance from Sheffield City Council ensured that a safe working environment was maintained throughout.


Surface Guard blended into the background and ensured that shoppers and visitors wishing to enjoy the festive spirit of the Christmas Market could do so in the safe knowledge that they were protected from vehicle attacks.



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