It can be difficult to find a company that not only gives you the chance to acquire a quality product that helps to protect crowded places, but also offers you a service that is extremely personal. However, when you come to Crowdguard Temporary Event Security, you have the opportunity to work with a business that conforms to both of those points. Within our team, we have individuals from all sectors of the security industry. From perimeter protection, crisis management to specialist equipment moving and handling – these experiences have allowed us to create a tailor-made experience for our clients. Alongside our sister company, Ainscough Industrial Services Deployment Partner, we have access to more than forty – years’ worth of industry expertise.

Combatting the difficulty of Protecting Crowded Places

The more people you have attending a single event, the more difficult it is to adequately keep them safe. The venue of the gathering can also cause several complications; for example, if there are small packed streets, it is more likely that if an attack were to take place, there would be significantly more casualties. Here at Crowdguard, we focus on the threat posed by vehicular-based attacks – these are a more modern form of tactic employed by terrorists, and those who wish to cause harm to others. When it comes to protecting crowded places, you would be hard-pressed to find a company that has a method up to the same standards as ours.

What is the ATG Surface Guard HVM?

To most individuals, the ATG Surface Guard HVM appears to be a very simple piece of engineering; whilst this may be the case from its exterior aesthetics, nothing could be further from the truth when understanding its mechanism testing. It conforms to the requirements laid out by the IWA 14 Impact Test, meaning that there is no cause to doubt its prowess in the field. Whilst it can easily be walked through by pedestrians, wheelchairs, pushchairs and bicycles, vehicles will be stopped in their tracks.

How else can Crowdguard help with Crowd Safety Barriers?

When you come to Crowdguard, you have the opportunity to work with a company that truly cares about helping you to make a difference. We understand the difficulties associated with protecting crowded places and want to play an active role in keeping your venue or event safe. Our services are cost-effective, as well as extremely efficient – the ATG Surface Guard hostile vehicle mitigation solution can be deployed on an average road width within thirty minutes.

If you are interested in protecting your event from these potential attacks, contact our team today. You can either call us directly on 0161 5073434 or you can email us at

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