Managing Director Iain Moran

Meet our new managing director Iain Moran

Are you interesting in knowing more about our new MD Iain Moran and where Crowdguard is going next? Here’s an interview we did with him to celebrate him joining the company:

Q: Tell us a little about your background

A: I trained as an electrician and first joined ATG Access 20 years ago as a technician, installing bollards. From there I moved into bollard sales and then into sales for ATG’s wider safety and security portfolio, including the award-winning ATG Surface Guard hostile vehicle mitigation system that Crowdguard installs. I became UK head of sales, then head of global sales at ATG, before being appointed as the company’s sales and marketing director in 2019. It’s a career that’s given me huge knowledge and experience of the global event safety and security market and an understanding of what clients want and need from a provider like Crowdguard. I’m looking forward to using that insight and strategic focus in my new role.

Q: What made you decide to move to Crowdguard?

As a director of one of Crowdguard’s supply chain partners at ATG Access, I have seen the company grow from a start-up to a credible SME with an excellent reputation for quality and agile response. Crowdguard has an enviable client base and a talented team, so it is both a well-established and sound commercial proposition, and a company with bags of potential to grow and build-on its success to date. That’s a very attractive combination, both as a personal opportunity and as an experienced director in the sector.

It’s an exciting opportunity to utilise my knowledge and skillset to help lead the company through dynamic, sustainable growth. It’s also a chance to join a business that is already setting the standard for quality, service and ethics in our industry, which means I can make a difference to people’s safety, as well as having a pivotal role in contributing to Crowdguard’s success.

Q: What changes will your involvement bring to Crowdguard?

Crowdguard has always worked closely with clients and counter-terror professionals to install the right solution for their needs. Moving forward we want to drive early engagement with clients to help them assess their need with threat, vulnerability and risk (TVR) assessments and dynamic vehicle modelling. This means that Crowdguard offers a turnkey solution, which includes considering need, specification, product supply, installation and reconfiguration and removal, all with expert technical support and proven quality assurance processes. It’s an excellent model, which is setting the bar for the sector.

We’re also developing the portfolio of solutions we offer. In addition to temporary security and perimeter protection solutions, such as ATG Surface Guard and the FenceSafe range of temporary fencing and hoarding systems, we’re now able to offer the Unafor range of semi-permanent systems, which have shallow mount foundations, and can be integrated with various practical and aesthetic features, including planters and street furniture.

Q: How do you see Crowdguard developing longer term?

The temporary protection industry is very reactive, and we’d like to see it become more proactive – identifying threats, vulnerability and risk as part of a co-ordinated approach to protecting people. I think the much-anticipated UK Protect Duty Legislation, also known as Martyn’s Law, will help with this because it will provide a framework for compliance and best practice. The vision for Crowdguard is to offer a turnkey service that includes both advising on the right solution and delivering it, across temporary, semi-permanent and permanent HVM, anti-terror and perimeter protection requirements.

Q: What does your international experience mean for the Crowdguard business?

I’m joining Crowdguard at a really exciting time as the company works with clients in anticipation of the Protect Duty Legislation in the UK and establishes the Crowdguard US business. I know the marketplace in the US and can work strategically with our US team to build distributor relationships and partnerships in high threat locations, while leveraging the systems and best practice from our UK operations. There’s lots to do, and I can’t wait!