Managing Director Iain Moran

Building on our portfolio with a new partnership

At Crowdguard, developing partnerships with the leading manufacturers of HVM and perimeter protection systems so that we can always offer customers the most appropriate solution for their requirement and risk is central to our service commitment. Our latest partnership is with Highway Care, the company behind the RB50 mobile, modular HVM system, and The Claw; a ‘drop and go’ HVM solution.

Our Managing Director, Iain Moran, caught up with Highway Care’s business development director, Ben Duncker, to discuss what the partnership means for both companies.

Iain: tell me a little more about Highway Care

Ben: Highway Care is a company that provides innovative infrastructure solutions for the protection of people, places and communities globally. Many of our solutions focus on transport infrastructure, such as roads and airports, but we also use that expertise in managing the risk of vehicle impact to design HVM systems that protect people and assets from vehicle as a weapon attacks and errant vehicles.

Iain: What makes the RB50 HVM system special?

Ben: The RB50 has been specifically designed for speed and ease of deployment, with equally fast and simple de-rigging and compact storage. What that means for event organisers, venues and those responsible for public realm locations is that they can implement pedestrian protection at short notice, reconfigure it easily and remove it when it’s not in use. Each four-metre array takes about five minutes to set up (and remove) and they are positioned 1.2 metres apart, providing a robust, pedestrian permeable solution for safe crowd management, temporary events, pedestrianisation and al fresco dining.

Iain: What certification does the RB50 HVM system have?

Ben: The RB50 is IWA 14-1: 2013 v/3500 [N1]/48/90:12.4m certified and has been tested to resist 3.5t vehicles travelling at 48kph, and will undergo further testing to evidence enhanced HVM performance. One of the benefits of using RB50 HVM protection is that it is installed in standard 4m arrays, so it is typically deployed as tested, providing exceptional clarity of risk management.

Iain: How is the RB50 installed?

Ben: RB50 can be installed by a single operative and transported in a small van, or on a trailer. The system is compact and up to 8m of protection can be stored on a footprint of 1.2m2in specially designed stillages when not in use. The galvanized sections are wheeled into place and connected together and the wheels are locked out when the system is in place to provide a robust barrier, which is surface mounted, so there is never any risk of damage to the road or paved surface.

Iain: Why did you choose Crowdguard as Highway Care’s partner?

Ben: We were looking for a partner that had proven expertise in the event safety and pedestrianisation market. We needed a company that mirrored our values of safety and customer care and a partner that we could trust to deliver high standards of quality assurance in everything they do. CrowdGuard’s leadership and management team are ethical, transparent and proactive which makes for a great, collaborative partnership.

We know our systems provide a high standard of protection for people and assets but any HVM is only as good as the installation. We are very confident that Crowdguard’s quality assurance systems and trained technicians will ensure every RB50 installation is carried out to the high standards needed to keep people and assets safer and, combined with Crowdguard’s threats, vulnerabilities and risk assessment services, that means we know every installation will be correct and proportionate.

Crowdguard’s partnership with Highway Care involves exclusivity for RB50 installations for all event, venue and pedestrianisation projects in the UK. Get in touch with our team to find out more or visit RB50 Rapid deployment barrier – Vehicle Attack Protection – Crowdguard