After a wait of almost six years, it looks hopeful that we may soon see some progress on Martyn’s Law, which was proposed in the wake of the Manchester Arena attack in 2017.

Since that terror attack, we have already seen a step change in the way that safety and security at events is considered, with improved awareness of risk and greater willingness to invest in safety training, communications, and equipment. But uncertainty about the best ways to enhance safety persist, and the reality is that there is no one size fits all approach. So much of what is required for a specific event or venue is based on individual circumstances, such as the physical layout of the site, the number of people attending, ingress and egress points, staffing levels…the list goes on. That’s why a holistic approach is needed to consider each venue and each event in a tailored way, combining expertise, proven safety equipment and the pragmatism needed to make the right choices across safety, operational and commercial criteria.

Crowdguard has pioneered just such a holistic approach to helping event organisers and venue operators to understand their risk, plan effectively and implement physical measures to help keep people safer while they enjoy themselves. We call it our Plan, Provide, Protect Model.

Risk assessment is an integral part of planning any event, and our Plan, Provide, Protect model includes a threat, vulnerability and risk assessment (TVRA) by a certified practitioner. This detailed assessment includes a site visit to understand the specific threats and vulnerabilities involved and any measures already in place to mitigate risk. We also carry out vehicle dynamics speed assessment (VDSA) to understand the level of risk posed by errant or malicious vehicles, taking into account the location, topography and access routes for the approaches to the venue or site. Equipped with these insights, we can then advise on the most appropriate protection system or systems to mitigate risk. Our holistic approach does not consider safety in isolation, however; our recommendations have to be practical from an operational and commercial point of view too. Consequently, our team also ensures we understand these factors and can offer pragmatic solutions that do not impede the smooth running of the event or threaten its commercial viability.

The Plan element of our holistic crowd safety service also includes specification of suitable systems, with a full explanation of any variation from ‘as tested’ configuration and a summary of any residual risk. Our preferred approach will always be a solution or combination of solutions that provides the most robust risk mitigation possible, but we always work with individual clients to ensure they are protected with the right balance of risk mitigation, operational practicality and affordability.

Our Provide commitment is to offer the right equipment aligned to your requirements, which often means deploying equipment late at night ready for the next morning. We partner with some of the world’s leading providers of hostile vehicle mitigation systems and perimeter protection, offering temporary, semi-permanent and permanent solutions including Unafor, ATG Access, Highway Care Security, ARX Security, Rosehill and CLD Fencing. That means we always cherry pick the most appropriate solutions to meet the brief without being tied to a specific system, often combining solutions to deliver the best possible protection.

Finally, our Protect commitment is a promise that our services are always underpinned by quality assurance and market-leading innovation. Our partnership with lift and logistics specialist, AIS Vanguard, ensures we have a national reach for on time deployment and de-rigging anywhere in the UK. Our teams of trained technicians work to our strict quality assurance processes, underpinning correct installation of every piece of kit. Crowdguard is not only a member of the Perimeter Protection Security Suppliers Association (PSSA) Installer Scheme, but we were instrumental in establishing it, leveraging our own quality assurance processes to help inform industry best practice.

That commitment to quality assurance provides peace of mind that the installation will deliver effective protection, and also that we take pride in everything we do, including maintaining every piece of kit and leaving a neat and tidy site after every de-rig.

Mandatory requirements for assessing and mitigating the risk of terror attacks may not be in place yet, but the need to embed safety into event planning has always been part of due diligence. At Crowdguard, our aim is to make that due diligence simpler and more transparent by offering a 360 approach to plan, provide and protect.

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