Third certification for RB50 HVM system enables flexible specification from Crowdguard

Crowdguard, the specialist in hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) and perimeter protection for events and the public realm, is now able to offer the Highway Care RB50 HVM system for a wider variety of event security and hostile vehicle mitigation requirements thanks to 3 impact tests with 3 differing configurations to enable successful IWA-14-1 certification for 3500kg and 7,500kg vehicles travelling at 48kph.

The RB50 HVM system has been deployed by Crowdguard for a wide variety of projects since the company added the product to its vast suite of products last year, including Zone Ex stadium locations, festivals, and public realm events. Designed for rapid deployment and rated protection, the surface-mounted RB50 system provides a flexible and scalable temporary HVM option, enabling Crowdguard to secure an average road width within just five minutes when built from the stillage. Once built, the rated RB50 array can be easily manoeuvred with wheels engaged across the carriageway in less than 10 seconds, and the road can be reopened just as quickly to allow authorised emergency vehicles.

Crowdguard offers a turnkey plan, provide, protect service for HVM and perimeter protection projects, aligning recommendations to the level of threat, vulnerability and risk, along with the client’s operational and commercial considerations. Successful testing of the RB50 based on a 3500kg mass of vehicle travelling at speed of 48kph enables Crowdguard to provide a cost effective option, with proven vehicle penetration distance of just 12.4m. This makes the rated RB50 system an ideal solution for projects where budgets are limited and the threat identified is a lighter class of vehicle.

As well as offering a more cost effective solution, the 3,500kg rated configuration, enables faster installation and a more manoeuvrable solution, for easier reconfiguration. This is particularly useful if roads need to be closed and reopened in multiple locations over a short period of time, such as for Zone Ex stadium security requirements, for example.

For installations where more robust protection is required to defend against larger vehicles, Crowdguard can configure RB50 as rated to IWA-14-1:2013 for 7200kg vehicles travelling at 48kph or as rated to PAS 68: 2013 for 7500kg vehicles travelling at 48kph.

Deborah Ainscough, founder and director of Crowdguard explains: “Part of our role at Crowdguard is to provide a best fit solution based on the level of threat, operational considerations and budget. So if there is a threat of larger vehicles but the RB50 system can be installed further away from the crowd to enable greater penetration distances, we might advise one configuration, whereas in a location where the threat is from smaller vehicles and it would be operationally challenging to accommodate large penetration distances, we will tailor the configuration accordingly.

“The latest testing of the RB50 system means that we now have a choice of three configurations, giving us even more flexibility in specifying the RB50 system and enabling us to take a pragmatic approach to balancing risk and practicality when advising our clients on the options available.”

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