Knowledge sharing and SCaN Training with a FREE certified CPD Crowdguard event

At Crowdguard, we often use the phrase ‘protecting in partnership’. It’s a philosophy born out of the way we work with our supply chain partners to combine our expertise and their innovative products to protect people, property and places.

But our focus on partnership goes beyond our relationship with our supply chain partners; it also includes our customers, our peers, professionals in our sector, and every member of the public we protect from hostile vehicles and errant drivers. Our ethos is to nurture and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing so that all those involved in preventing attacks, improving vigilance and ensuring preparedness can learn from each other, contribute to best practice and, ultimately, keep people safer.

It’s those core principles that have prompted us to consider what we can do to support those working in our industry and stakeholders from across other sectors – including stadiums, events, local authorities, festivals and transport hubs – who are increasingly focused on protecting people and assets with hostile vehicle mitigation systems.

Our conclusion? To hold a free of charge knowledge sharing event that will combine expert talks with SCaN (See Check and Notify) training from a Counter Terrorist Policing North East representative, and a chance to get to know the different types of HVM equipment available. We know how much our team has benefitted from seminar programmes at other events. We’ve also been delighted with the response when we’ve done presentations and taken part in panel discussions. So now we have put together a certified CPD programme that will draw on the expertise of our own team, along with sessions from guest speakers, as well as providing an opportunity to ask questions of our experts and network.

The free event will take place from 10am to 2.30pm on 8th February at Elland Road Stadium in Leeds, a location where we have delivered Zone Ex protection on a number of occasions. The venue has the space we’ll need to display a broad variety of HVM equipment and plenty of capacity for delegates.

The event will be suitable for anyone responsible for security at publicly accessible locations, along with security and counter terrorism professionals, health & safety officers and facilities managers and will include:

  • A presentation on risk assessment from our Counter Terror & Risk Assessment Director, Russ Phillips
  • SCaN training from a Counter Terrorist Policing North East representative
  • A presentation about balancing budget and risk from our MD, Iain Moran
  • A chance to see some of the HVM equipment we offer
  • An opportunity to network and ask questions of our experts

While we may not always be able to prevent the worst from happening, we can take action on terrorism together by sharing insights and best practice to mitigate risk and improve resilience. At Crowdguard, we passionately believe that terror planning should be integral to event planning, and our goal is to help those responsible for PALs to deploy proportionate protection that is operationally deliverable, commercially viable, and aligned to threat, vulnerability and risk.

Registration for our free certified CPD – UK Terror Threats: how you can protect people and places is now open here and it promises to be a useful and enjoyable day.

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