Accredited Risk Assessment

Helping you understand and mitigate risk

At Crowdguard, the HVM and perimeter protection solutions we offer to help you keep people safer are part of our turnkey service that starts with event safety risk assessment. An event safety risk assessment is important when understanding a site’s threat, vulnerability and risk because it enables you to put in place proportionate, realistic and cost-effective security measures, ensuring your installation is neither inadequate nor excessive.

Our team of chartered security professionals are responsible for all our threat vulnerability and risk assessments, and our experts will work with you to identify the risks involved your specific event, venue or public realm space so that we can help you put in place an appropriate and proportionate solution to meet the assessed threat, aligned to risk, operational considerations, and budget.

Crowdguard works with event planners and urban realm designers to deliver pragmatic security measures that are as practical and aesthetically pleasing as possible. The intent is always to deliver a proportionate level of security achieving a defined visible deterrent, whilst enabling normal activity to continue with minimal disruption. Security and safety are essential aspects of urban spaces, but this shouldn’t compromise aesthetics or design.

Our detailed and quality-driven approach involves two risk assessment methodologies, carried out in combination with our robust processes, to provide a detailed evidence base for appropriate specification and full accountability for the risk mitigation measures you have put in place.

Accredited Risk Assessment

Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

A threat, vulnerability and risk (TVR) assessment considers the factors specific to your event, venue or location that can be managed with physical measures, effective resource planning and increased vigilance.

To carry out the threat, vulnerability and risk assessment, our team of event safety management experts attend your venue or location to consider all areas of threat, vulnerability and risk, scoring the likelihood of each area identified so that a they can provide a clear picture of inherent risk for your venue or event.

Vehicle Dynamics Assessments (VDA)

A vehicle dynamics assessment (VDA) is used to analyse how a vehicle could be used to attack your venue or location and assess the likely speed of travel for vehicles of different sizes. The vehicle dynamics analysis considers both acceleration and turning of the vehicles to gain a clear picture of the level of risk.

Our experts combine varied tools and data to carry out the vehicle dynamics assessment, including a site visit to assess the potential approach routes and typography of your specific location, and distance and corner radii data. They also use Google maps and ordinance survey maps to deliver a robust and detailed report.

Managing Risk with Crowdguard

At Crowdguard, we have developed a proven and consistent process for accredited risk assessment that allows us to propose appropriate solutions and enables you to evidence due diligence.

Following a threat, vulnerability and risk assessment, we complete a Level One Operational Requirements document, which sets out your specific operational needs in the context of safety and security. We then liaise with the local authority and police as appropriate.

Our experts will review existing site arrangements, design drawings and proposed security measures you may already have in place and complete a review of any design proposals before carrying out the vehicle dynamics assessment. This analyses the anticipated approach speed of vehicles to each of the identified vulnerable locations, allowing our team to complete dynamic speed assessment calculations and propose appropriate physical security measures. We identify any opportunities to value engineer the current proposals as part of this process, ensuring that the measures put in place are not excessive.

When our team has completed all aspects of the threat, vulnerability and risk assessment and vehicle dynamics analysis, they prepare a report of their findings, which includes specification of appropriately rated safety and security products to mitigate the risk of an attack at the predefined points. The report also outlines any residual security concerns.

Risk and accountability

By working with Crowdguard to understand the risk factors affecting your venue or event, and acting on our recommendations, you will not only protect people, you will also protect your business. We are a trusted partner that can offer you complete peace of mind by being fully accountable for the level of risk identified and the mitigation measures implemented, carrying out the installation for you with our well-maintained HVM and perimeter protection systems and our experienced installation technicians.

To find out more about our risk assessment services and how they can help you mitigate risk and evidence due diligence, get in touch.