Crowdguard Can Help Ensure Public Safety at Sporting Events

When it comes to sourcing a company that can not only help you to ensure public safety at sporting events, but do so at a cost that cannot be rivalled by any competitor, there is but one name that should come to mind – Crowdguard. Coupled with the expertise of Ainscough Industrial Services, our sister company, our experience consists of forty years worth of carefully honed skills within the security industry.


Our flagship product, the ATG Surface Guard, is superior to any other product on the market; you need not worry about an attack when this is deployed as a protection measure. Having won at the Counter Terror Awards 2019, as the best product in the Physical Security Category, we can assure you that our confidence is well-placed. You may be wondering how best you can utilise this product, or want to know what our pricing structures are like.

Examples of vehicle-related attacks

Over the past one hundred years, the automotive industry has come on leaps-and-bounds. From basic vehicles that barely topped ten miles an hour, we have now a market that is diverse and varied. Whilst this brings extraordinary benefits for the most part, there has also been an unwanted consequence. During recent years, a number of terrorist attacks have utilised vehicles as their weapon of choice – this is most likely down to their being easier to acquire than more traditional weapons. With densely populated events in Stockholm and Barcelona being high-profile examples of hostile vehicles being used, here at Crowdguard we recognised that there was a need for a high-quality HVM prevention measure. We have subsequently created a product that can be used to ensure public safety at sporting events and other public gatherings.


When you acquire the ATG Surface Guard, be it on a short-term loan or on a semi-permanent basis, you have access to a product that has the ability to halt a vehicle weighing more than seven thousand kilograms. On our website, you can watch an impact test in full, as well as get a firmer grip on the various specifications of the unit.

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When you come to Crowdguard, you are able to tap into our expertise within the hostile vehicle mitigation and security industry. If you would like to find out more about what we can offer you, please do not hesitate to contact Crowdguard today. You can either call directly on 0161 5073434 to arrange the hire or you can email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.