Are You Looking to Hire Temporary Road Safety Barriers?

If you are someone that wants to responsibly take care of your customers in light of the coronavirus pandemic, and are looking for an effective way in which to keep them at a distance from one another, we are pleased to inform you that Crowdguard HVM Solutions is here to help. In times gone by, we were one of the most reputable companies in the country when it came to offering protection against vehicle-related attacks against public events. However, due to the way in which the world has been changed in recent months, we have looked to tweak our services so that we can better help the public during these trying times. If you believe that we are the company for you, why not use any one of our contact methods to get in touch with us today about hiring our temporary road safety barriers?

We were established in wake of the horrendous vehicular-related terrorist attacks which were more common, we partnered up with Ainscough Industrial Services to become a leading prevention force. Our services can handle the rapid deployment of national distribution networks and are available for both long and short term hire, so you can be sure to gain everything you could possibly need and more.

What do our hostile vehicle mitigation services involve?

For those that have not worked with us in the past, our main product is known as the Surface Guard – the finest temporary road safety barrier on the market. This is a series of reinforced bollards which, when interconnected, make a near-impenetrable barrier. Depending on the lease that you can take out, we can either supply you with a permanent anchor, or you can use existing features such as trees or kerbs. You will be happy to hear that the ATG Surface Guard has been successfully tested in the field, and has been used to completely halt two, heavy vehicles.

When you come to Crowdguard, it is important to note that not only are you getting the chance to obtain, on a short-term basis, temporary road safety barriers. You also have the opportunity to work with a company that understands the importance of providing a smooth-and-seamless experience for clients. Ever since our foundation, we have sought to be viewed as a firm which understood that customers come first.


To find out more about our temporary road safety barriers, feel free to contact us directly via our phone number, 01615073434 and our staff will be more than happy to help with anything you may need. You can also send us an email to and our friendly customer service team will be in touch shortly to answer any questions and provide you with any additional information you require.