Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers – London

Are you attempting to organise a street festival or event, but lack a way in which to adequately protect the attendees with a certified and tested solution? Have you got a need for hostile vehicle mitigation barriers in London? When you come to Crowdguard, you will have access to a state-of-the-art method of security, ensuring that the threat of vehicles can be eliminated. Why not take the time to get in touch today, and find out about how our services can help you?

For anyone that is searching for hostile vehicle mitigation barriers in London, the first company name that should come to mind is that of Crowdguard. Over the years, we have sought a product that is strong enough to tackle any problem that it faces, whilst still lightweight enough to be deployed in any scenario. After rigorous testing and redesigns, the final product is the ATG Surface Guard. 


Having been able to successfully navigate the IWA 14 Impact Test, you need not worry about a lack of quality when utilising the services of this product. Its design means that it can easily conform to the requirements of pedestrians and cyclists, yet not lose any of its effectiveness against vehicular threats. If you find yourself interested in the ATG Surface Guard, but would like to gain a better understanding of how it can fulfil your needs, we would be more than happy to inform you.

Due to the nature of the industry that we are operating in, here at Crowdguard we understand that you may wish to take a look at the ATG Surface Guard in action as one of the best hostile vehicle mitigation barriers in London, before utilising it. Surface Guard can be easily deployed in public spaces and fares well against a heavily laden vehicle, moving at speed. Our main priority, above anything, is to give customers the peace of mind that they are suitably protected when attending gatherings or events in crowds.


Aside from providing our customers with excellent hostile vehicle mitigation barriers in London, Crowdguard is recognised for its excellent level of customer service. If you are interested in securing our services, we would love to hear from you. We are committed to fulfilling your requirements as best we can. For anyone that wishes to get in touch with one of our representatives, simply check out the various contact methods listed on our contact us page.