Hostile Vehicle Mitigation – Product

Are you organising a sporting event, concert, festival, VIP visit or any other large public gathering? Do you want to reduce the vulnerability of your event and mitigate vehicle-borne threats? Then look no further. Crowdguard is a made up of a team of highly qualified and experienced advisors from British policing, public order, counter-terrorism, events and crisis management. We have a wealth of knowledge in the barrier, security and engineering industries; we specialise in the deployment of hostile vehicle mitigation products.


Our hostile vehicle mitigation products are crash-tested to IWA 14 and PAS 68 standards. These are pedestrian permeable barriers that don’t make the public feel under threat or caged in. We recognised a gap in the market and set out to be the industry leader specialising in protecting crowds at short term events and gatherings across the UK whereby quick, efficient and local deployment is necessary.


Crowdguard’s hostile vehicle mitigation product is the leading and award-winning barrier in the physical security category at the counter-terror awards 2019. ATG Surface Guard is a crash tested innovative pedestrian permeable, modular and lightweight barrier, which can be easily and quickly moved and installed. Also, due to our great national distribution network, short term deployment is quick and cost-effective.


Terrorist and criminal attacks continue to plague our headlines and remain an imminent threat at open access events, but these threats should not cause accessibility issues. These barriers have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and enables a free and easy walk through for pedestrians, cyclists, prams and the mounted police in a friendly and non-menacing way. The hostile vehicle mitigation product can also accommodate a vehicle access point for emergency service vehicles. This point has been reinforced with steel plates to cope with heavier vehicles such as fire engines or HGV’s in an emergency situation.  These plates are highly visible in bright yellow and authorised personnel are able to manually lower the protective barrier in less than 30 seconds. For additional value, these barriers can be personalised with your own branding or sponsorship details as well as adding LED lighting or footfall counters.


All our hostile vehicle mitigation products are checked and maintained following robust processes after every single deployment from trained maintenance engineers, ensuring that our product is always 100% reliable, safe and effective. If you would like further information about our hostile vehicle mitigation products, please contact us via or call us on 0161 507 3434.