Are You Looking to Learn More About the Different Road Safety Barrier Types

Have you been looking to improve your organisation’s ability to separate individuals, in-line with the regulations set out due to the Coronavirus? Are you trying to educate your staff about the various different road safety barrier types available on the market, but haven’t been able to find a firm? You would greatly benefit from the services offered by the team here at Crowdguard. We are a company that is dedicated to safeguarding the general public; in times gone by, this typically happened during public events, but in recent times we have looked to revamp our business model. To learn more of how we can be of assistance, please speak to a member of staff using the methods outlined on our website’s contact page

If you did not already know, we here at Crowdguard are a company that has extensive experience in dealing with emergency situations, across the country, on a daily basis. Along with our sister company, Ainscough Industrial Services, we are able to tap into more than forty years worth of specialist industry knowledge, who ensure that any HVM solution is installed as per tested standards and with integrity. For those of you that would like to become more familiar with our background, we would be more than happy to enlighten you on the key facts, as well as explain why we are experts when it comes to the different road safety barrier types.

What road safety barriers do we have available?

The Surface Guard, for anyone that was previously aware, is a product which, whilst simple in design, is extremely effective in the field. Capable of stopping vehicles of more than seven thousand kilograms, this is a unit which is fantastic for separating pedestrians from road-users. In the field, it has successfully been tested twice. In these situations, it was able to completely halt vehicles weighing in at 2500KG and 7200KG, travelling at 48KPH and 32KPH respectively. We hope that this demonstrates the proficiency at which this product also eliminates threats.


How can the Surface Guard be used? 

Here at Crowdguard, we completely appreciate that businesses are having to adapt their normal processes to conform with the Government guidance in regards to the pandemic. One of the huge challenges organisations have faced is ensuring social distancing takes place. We have assisted many local councils by supporting them in the pedestrianisation of high streets. Restaurants are also adapting more outside seating areas so they can increase their capacity, and the Surface Guard can be used to segregate these areas and even convert parking spaces into additional dining spaces.  

Why should you contact our specialist team?


Here at Crowdguard, our main goal has always been to achieve total satisfaction for all those who utilise our services. If you have any doubts about this, you can be sure that these will be quashed once you have browsed through the testimonials published on our SafeBuy page. Our barriers are also checked and maintained following robust processes and passed the PAS 68 standard. Each of our trained maintenance engineers ensures that all of the products are always 100% reliable, safe and effective – so you know we are the business you need to contact. 


Whether you call us on 0161 5073434 or email at we will do all we can to answer any questions that you may have. We will also be able to provide you with any additional information that you require about our road safety barrier types.