Protection Against Vehicle-Borne Attacks at Events

Are you hosting an upcoming public event and are looking for a way in which to keep your attendees safe? Have you been looking for measures in which to protect against vehicle-borne attacks? Crowdguard can help. From festivals to sporting events, public speaking to parades; you can be sure that the products that we offer you are versatile, and suitable for all occasions. We are incredibly devoted to all the work we do and have a wealth of experience in this field.

How can Crowdguard help you with Hostile Vehicle Mitigation?

For anyone looking to eliminate the threat of vehicle-borne attacks, look no further than the ATG Surface Guard System. When it has been deployed, it has successfully prevented many HVM attacks in the field. You will be hard-pressed to source another product that is capable of halting vehicles weighing in at 2500KG and 7200KG, and travelling at 48 and 32KPH respectively. It is flexible, and pedestrians can easily navigate it when it has been installed. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with including our hostile vehicle mitigation solution within your event planning.

Why choose us for HVM Solutions?

When it comes to finding a company that can offer first-class defences against vehicle-borne attacks, the only name that should come to mind is that of Crowdguard. Combined with Ainscough Industrial Services – our sister company – we are proud to have amassed more than 40 years worth of industry knowledge and expertise out in the field. You can be sure that when partnering with us, you don’t need to worry about a lack of quality in our services. Our HVM barriers can be scaled to suit the location, geography and size of your event or venue surroundings. 


If you are interested in protecting your event from vehicle-borne attacks, contact our team today. You can either call directly on 0161 5073434 to arrange our services or you can email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Crowdguard will do all we can to ensure that your event is protected from any hostile vehicle threats.