Protecting Crowded Places

Terrorist and criminal vehicle attacks continue to plague our headlines and remain an imminent threat at open access events and gatherings of large crowds of people. More and more event managers and planners are focusing on protecting crowded places from vehicles. Crowdguard is the company that can help you. We specialise in protecting crowded places using temporary hostile vehicle mitigation barriers.


Crowdguard is made up of a team of highly qualified and experienced advisors from British policing, public order, counter-terrorism, events and crisis management. This level of expertise makes Crowdguard a unique business in protecting crowded places. We only deploy our barriers with highly skilled and fully trained personnel from our sister company Ainscough Industrial Services who have over 40 years’ experience and expertise in equipment moving and handling.


We expertly deploy the world renowned ATG Surface Guard system which has recently won best product of the year in the 2019 Counter Terror Awards. The system is completely surface mounted with no need for road fixings and will secure to a multitude of different scenarios. The product can be adapted to all types of road cambers, kerbs, traffic islands, trees or street furniture making it ideal for protecting crowded places. Surface Guard has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing that enables a free and easy walk through for pedestrians, cyclists, prams and the mounted police in a friendly and non-menacing way. Also, reinforced vehicle access points can be installed to allow access without compromising the safety of pedestrians. Additionally, we can personalise the barriers for your event with your own branding as well as adding LED lighting or footfall counters, which can help to improve your customer’s experience as well as protecting crowded places. 


We know that crowded places can have a lot of vehicles around it; our product has been tested in accordance with the IWA 14 impact test standard and successfully arrested a 2,500kg vehicle travelling at 30mph and a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 32kph. The innovative Surface Guard system has been designed to provide hostile vehicle mitigation and temporary event security for stadiums, festivals, urban squares and VIP visits. Protecting crowded places can be challenging but protecting them from vehicles shouldn’t be.


Did we mention that we use the leading and award-winning barrier in the physical security category at the counter-terror awards 2019. If you would like more information on the Surface Guard to protect your crowded places get in touch via 0161 507 3434 or email us at