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Are you someone that is the owner of a leading restaurant, and want to ensure that your customers feel safe outside of your establishment? Have you been looking to acquire temporary road safety barriers, but have so far been left empty-handed? To those of you that can relate to either of the above scenarios, we are delighted to inform you that your search has come to a successful conclusion. Here at Crowdguard, we have made it our mission to supply our customers with top-of-the-range products that can help to protect the general public. If you are interested in educating yourself further on our services, please find our contact information listed below.

What is our Background?

The temporary road safety barriers that we can supply you with, which you can learn about below, has a number of application potentials. In terms of physical durability, they cannot be matched. Not only this, but when installed in the right way, Crowdguard can ensure that your customers will be able to enjoy peace-of-mind. The Surface Guard is often used to segregate the busier areas of towns across the weekend, preventing traffic from entering the street, and even converting parking spaces into extra dining spaces for local restaurants.

The Surface Guard

Should you decide that you would like to enlist the services of Crowdguard, it is important that you have a good understanding of our primary product, and how it can be deployed to fulfil your needs. The Surface Guard is one of the technical marvels produced by ATG Access. What truly allows it to stand apart from its competitors is the ease at which it can be assembled. A number of separate parts can be constructed on-site, and can subsequently be left for a number of months without any alterations being made. Cyclists and pedestrians can navigate around it with ease, and when needed, it can be lowered so that vehicles can also be accommodated. Should you wish to take a closer look at the specifications of this product, and learn why it is the best temporary road safety barrier on the market, please click on the link above.

Need More Information?

Here at Crowdguard, we recognise that the services that we are providing can be perceived as niche; therefore, it is understandable that prior to signing a rental agreement, you may have some questions that you would like to address. The temporary road safety barriers that we can supply you with, as we hope you will have seen from the information above, are unmatched in the field – they will not leave you disappointed. Should you be curious about understanding a little more about how they work, or would simply like to obtain a quote regarding a specified period of time, please do not hesitate to get in touch. For your convenience, all of our contact methods can be found detailed on our website.