Safety at Sporting Events

Have you been looking for a company who can provide you with safety at sporting events? Then Crowdguard could be the place you’ve been looking for. We offer a professional service and highly trained team who are completely committed to ensuring that your event is as safe as possible. By working with us, your crowds are free to fully enjoy the event with no fear or intimidation from hostile vehicles being used as weapons in potential criminal or terror attacks. If you’re interested in learning more about our incredible services, head over to our website today.  


Crowdguard is made up of a team of highly experienced advisors from British policing, public order, counter-terrorism, events and crisis management. Our high level of expertise makes us a unique business within temporary event security, we deploy our barriers with highly skilled and fully trained personnel from our sister company – Ainscough Industrial Services who have over 40 years experience within equipment moving and handling, so you can trust that we are the team you need to contact for all your safety needs at sporting events. 


Over the last few years, terrorist and criminal attacks have unfortunately become a regular occurrence and still remain a threat to open access events and gatherings of large crowds of people. We saw a gap in the market for a company who can provide a service that really utilises professionally trained personnel to install a crash-tested barrier that didn’t make the public feel caged in or trapped during the event. We have set out to be the industry leader specialising in safety at sporting events, with a national distribution network in England and Scotland making our services quick and efficient for the surrounding areas.  


When coming to us for your safety at sporting events, the ATG Surface Guard is the ideal solution for a whole plethora of potential threats. It’s easily transported in individual units without the need for forklifts and machinery as each section in modular, lightweight, compact and stacked completely flat. The system is surface mounted with no need for road fixings and can be secured to a range of different surfaces, it has also been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and it enables a free and easy walkthrough for pedestrians, cyclists, prams and mounted police in a friendly and non-menacing way. When it comes to sporting events, we can install a vehicle access point for emergency service vehicles, this point has been reinforced with steel plates to cope with the heavier vehicles in emergency situations.  


If you need someone to supply safety at your sporting events, then give our team at Crowdguard a call today. By calling us on 0161 5073434 we can get you booked in for the necessary dates and provide you with a range of information to help make your event as safe as possible. Alternatively, you can send us an email to making sure to include your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.