Do you Need Security Fencing and Vehicle Mitigation Barriers?

Are you in need of security fencing and vehicle mitigation barriers? Would you like a product that combines the two along with offering maximum protection for large groups of people at events? Here at Crowdguard, we aim to offer our clients only the best when it comes to security solutions. For your convenience, we have put a whole host of different contact options at the bottom of this article.

Here at Crowdguard, we are proud to be able to provide a product that, by using the latest advancements in regards to impact-science, gives crowds the highest level of protection. The ATG Surface Guard System is the most prominent piece of security fencing and vehicle mitigation barrier technology; whilst having an aesthetically pleasing appearance, there is no doubt in its capability to stop criminal and terror threats. Equipped with reinforced steel plates, it’s stopping power is formidable; having been tested twice in the field, it has been able to immobilise and stop vehicles, weighing in at two thousand five hundred and seven thousand two hundred kilograms, travelling at forty eight and thirty two kilometres-per-hour respectively – passing both IWA 14 and PAS 68 standards. For those of you that would like to look over the product, in terms of in-depth measurements and specifications as well as the physical design and installation – cover host all of the details and demonstration videos across this website.

We understand that when you are hiring from Crowdguard, it’s not simply the physical security fencing and vehicle mitigation barriers that you are seeking. You would also like a company that’s committed to bringing you a bespoke service, that understands the business of counter terrorisim, crisis management and security better than anyone. When we deploy our products, we go through our sister company Ainscough Industrial Services, who have over forty years experience in regards to equipment management.

When you are looking to secure the finest products regarding security fencing and vehicle mitigation barriers, no company will endeavour to fulfill your needs as much as Crowdguard. For those that would like to utilise the services that we have to offer, we try to make it as easy as possible to get into contact with us. If you would like an informal chat regarding a potential project that you may need catering for, you can call us on 0161 5073434. As an alternative, our team  are always open to providing help – if you would like to converse with any of them in a written capacity, you can submit your details, along with a short message, through the convenient contact form on our website or simply send an email to