Do You Require Security Fencing along with Vehicle Mitigation Barriers?

Are you part of a retail company that is required, by government regulations, to provide protection to your customers via social-distancing measures? Do you wish to acquire, on a short-term basis, security fencing and vehicle mitigation barriers? We are pleased to inform you that you stand to greatly benefit from the products and services provided by Crowdguard. We are a firm that fully understands the importance of limiting contact between individuals during the height of this pandemic; it is for this reason that we are pleased to be able to offer our assistance to those in need and support local councils and businesses. 

How can Crowdguard help you with HVM Barriers?

Recognised predominantly for our provision of security fencing and vehicle mitigation barriers, here at Crowdguard, we are a company that is home to the winner of Best Product at the 2019 Counter Terror Awards. Our suppliers are solely British, and we take care to ensure that our standards never slip below what is expected of us. Consisting of an incredibly experienced team, we are able to provide quality assistance within a number of different sectors.

When it comes to finding the finest securing fencing and vehicle mitigation barriers on the market, the only name that should come to mind is that of the ATG Surface Guard. We are proud to be home to a unit which has been shown to successfully be able to stop a vehicle weighing in at more than seven thousand kilograms, and travelling at 32 kilometres an hour. This should demonstrate to you the superior nature of the Surface Guard’s design. We also believe that it is worth noting that thanks to its relatively simple aesthetics, it can be deployed in a number of locations without detracting away from its surroundings.

Recently, we have been working with local councils and organisations to protect outdoor dining spaces and support the pedestrianisation of the UK’s high streets. The Surface Guard is often used to segregate the busier areas of towns across the weekend, preventing traffic from entering the street, and even converting parking spaces into extra dining spaces for local restaurants.

Why should you contact our team? 


Here at Crowdguard, we are recognised for our ability to provide high-quality security fencing and vehicle mitigation barriers. One thing which has allowed us to stand apart from our competitors is the level of customer service that we provide on a consistent basis. We have an exceptional reputation for our customer support and reliability, which we hold great pride in sustaining with each of the clients we work with. 


If you would like to speak to a member of the Crowdguard team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Whether you call us on 0161 5073434 or email at we will do all we can to answer any questions that you may have. We will also be able to provide you with any additional information that you require about our temporary hostile vehicle mitigation solutions.