Temporary Road Safety Barriers

Are you looking to work alongside a professional company that has experience with temporary road safety barriers? Crowdguard are the ideal partners for your venue or event. We can not only provide you with the high-quality temporary road safety barriers that you require but, our sister company Ainscough Industrial Services, who have over 40 years’ experience and expertise in equipment moving and handling, can manage the installation of these barriers too. 


Unfortunately, vehicle-borne threats are becoming more apparent here in the UK and they are causing a lot of panic to the general public, especially at big events and gatherings. Vehicles provide a quick and convenient delivery of explosive devices to create maximum impact as well as being used themselves as a threat or a weapon. These types of attacks can cause serious danger to life and undeniably, need to be prevented. Our temporary road safety barriers are specifically designed to combat vehicle-borne threats via HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation).


When you decide to work alongside Crowdguard you know that you are only getting the best temporary road safety barriers. We use the industry-leading barriers that were also award-winning in the physical security category at the counter-terror awards in 2019. These barriers have also been successfully tested, more than once, against the IWA 14 impact test. They successfully stopped a 2,500kg vehicle travelling at 48 kph and a 7,200 kg vehicle travelling at 32 kph. All of the Crowdguard safety barriers are not only robust but, they are also modular and lightweight meaning, they can be easily and quickly installed and moved when required. The system doesn’t require any road fixings and is completely surface mounted. 


The Crowdguard team are passionate about the work we do and strive to never give in to mediocrity or complacency. We understand the importance of temporary road safety barriers and will always ensure that their customers have the best possible chance of keeping their guests or the general public safe when using their barriers. When you choose Crowdguard you will have a dedicated project manager who will oversee all of your security requirements.


If you’d like any further information about the temporary road safety barriers that Crowdguard can provide you with, our friendly team will gladly assist you. You can contact them by calling 0161 5073434 or emailing info@crowdguard.co.uk and someone will gladly provide you with the information that you require. You can trust that Crowdguard will do all we can to help you no matter what your needs for temporary road safety barriers may be.