Crowdguard NZ – Protecting crowded spaces

HVM in New Zealand and Australasia

The current terror threat level is designated as ‘Low’ in New Zealand, meaning an attack is ‘a realistic possibility’, and as ‘Possible’ in Australia. There is increasing awareness throughout Australasia of the need to protect people and places from those who would seek to do harm.

Crowdguard New Zealand can provide the expertise and HVM systems required to protect events, stadiums, venues and public realm locations from vehicle attacks and hostile vehicle incursions as part of a counter terrorism strategy and security planning.

Crowdguard New Zealand offers a wide range of temporary HVM equipment along with semi-permanent and permanent HVM systems, as well as the specification and installation expertise to provide a suitable, proportionate and correctly installed HVM solution.

Temporary HVM for events

Crowdguard New Zealand offers temporary HVM systems for events across New Zealand, Australia and APAC.

Our expert team can help you identify the most appropriate HVM solutions for your specific event, venue or location, providing a proportionate response to security and terrorism risk. We will always consider your operational and commercial requirements when advising you on the HVM solution for your event, taking into account factors such as:

  • crowd flows
  • emergency and authorised vehicle access
  • speed of deployment
  • branding
  • Ease of reconfiguration
  • Proximity to vehicle routes

HVM for stadiums

Our team has wide-ranging experience of safety and security for major stadium events around the world, including HVM specification and deployment for international tournaments and championships.

We can advise you on the most appropriate HVM strategy for your stadium, anywhere in New Zealand, Australia or the Pacific. Whether you need the flexibility of a temporary HVM installation for each fixture, or prefer the as-needed, rapid deployment of a semi-permanent HVM system such as Unafor Core, you can trust us to support you.

HVM for the public realm

We work with local authorities to specify and install HVM systems in public realm locations to prevent vehicle incursions into pedestrian areas.

Whether you need HVM protection for public events or to prevent nuisance behaviour in public spaces and ram raids we can advise you on permanent HVM systems that will complement the urban landscape while offering the flexibility needed for emergency vehicular access and deliveries.

The Crowdguard New Zealand Team

The Crowdguard New Zealand team includes security and event professionals who have worked in high profile environments around the world advising on specification and deployment of HVM. We also have trained installation teams, ensuring a quality-assured approach to HVM installation, aligned to specification and method statement.

Calum Nicholson

A traffic engineer with extensive experience in crowd management and safety, Calum was responsible for crowd management and planning for the London 2012 Olympics and has since been involved in crowd safety planning and delivery for a number of Olympics and other major and cultural sporting events throughout the world. Calum has been heavily involved in New Zealand’s Crowded Places strategy implementation and advised on the HVM protection for the New Zealand matches during the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023, and brings extensive knowledge of HVM systems and specification best practice to his role at Crowdguard New Zealand.

Jason Malcolm

With three decades of experience in policing, transport, and event management, Jason  served in the police in both the UK and New Zealand for 24 years has senior leadership experience in investigations, prevention, intelligence, planning, and safety and security working with a wide range of Government and non-Government stakeholders.

After working as Operations Manager for Auckland Transport, then as the Auckland Urban Journey Manager Waka Kotahi, He became Head of Safety, Security, Access and Accreditation (NZ) in 2021 for the co-hosted FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, and co-leading the Crowded Places strategy for New Zealand host cities.

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