Event Protection – Helping you secure your events with HVM

  • Event Protection

At Crowdguard, we are experts in event safety and crowd management.

Whatever your event, people are there to have a great time. Our event security expertise means you can enable them to do just that, in complete confidence that you have put appropriate and proportionate HVM to measures in place to mitigate risk and keep them safer.

Our turnkey approach to event security combines a threat, vulnerability and risk assessment, followed by specification of appropriate and proportionate HVM systems, aligned to the identified risk, your operational requirements and your budget.  Our trained and experienced HVM installation teams will then install your HVM protection for you, working with your event security team to ensure that timings are co-ordinated with your event security plan and we collaborate effectively both when planning event security and deploying HVM.

Event security doesn’t have to look unwelcoming and it should always meet your operational needs. Our temporary event security solutions can even help you take care of the look of your event and its location too thanks to:

  • Surface mounted temporary HVM systems that need no permanent fixings and can be installed on any terrain.
  • Customisation options for your HVM and event barrier systems which can enable branding, advertising, wayfinding or information.
  • Pedestrian permeable HVM systems, including ATG Surface Guard and
    ARX Stopper!™, which enable people to move around freely while preventing vehicle access.
  • Semi-permanent HVM solutions, such as the Unafor Core, which can be deployed on an as-needed basis for regular events.
  • Permanent HVM solutions for locations that need to be protected from vehicle as a weapon attacks and vehicle incursions at all times.
  • HVM systems that can be disguised as street furniture, planters, bicycle racks or bollards to complement the urban environment.

Our rapid deployment solutions for events mean you can trust us to help you address a variety of threats and vulnerabilities, including:

  • The threat of vehicle as a weapon attacks – our range of HVM systems protect pedestrians at your event and provide a visible, physical deterrent
  • Vulnerability to vehicle incursions – our HVM solutions provide protection against accidental incursions into road closures or event sites
  • Unauthorised access into the event area – our FenceSafe range of temporary fencing and surface mounted temporary hoarding systems provide effective perimeter protection to enhance event security.
  • Allowing emergency access – we can combine HVM systems to allow rapid access for emergency vehicles and deliveries.

Take a look at our event security case studies to find out more!