Temporary security fencing – providing safer spaces for all

  • FenceSafe

    Proven temporary protection systems for event safety and crowd management

Whether you need perimeter protection, pedestrian safety barriers, crowd safety management or event security systems, our range of FenceSafe temporary fencing offers rapid deployment security solutions for any environment.

In the past, temporary event security either required the time-consuming installation of a permanent event safety and crowd management system or involved compromising on the level of safety and security that could be achieved.

The FenceSafe range of temporary event security solutions has changed all that. Now, we can provide rapid deployment security solutions that offer the convenience of temporary event security, combined with the durability of robust perimeter protection.

The FenceSafe temporary security fencing range was developed by CLD Fencing Systems, the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing systems and security gates. These surface mounted security systems have been designed to deliver the same level of event safety and crowd management as a permanent fence, while providing rapid deployment solutions for events.

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The range includes an array of options to suit all kinds of temporary event security, perimeter protection and public realm protection requirements, including:

Temporary fencing systems

Rapid deployment security solutions for perimeter protection

Temporary Security Gates

Crowd access points for temporary security fencing


FenceSafe Hoard – Rapid deployment security solutions


Event safety and crowd management solutions

We can provide a complete perimeter protection security solution for your event or public realm environment, including specification support, installation, and removal, with a rapid response to your requirements. Talk to our team to find out more about our rapid deployment security solutions within the FenceSafe range.