Festival Security – making festivals more secure with HVM systems

From large-scale music weekenders to food and drink festivals and family-friendly events, festivals have become a popular leisure event for people of all ages.

Often held in rural settings and bringing together entertainment, food and drink, camping and car parking facilities on a single site, they involve complex counter-terrorism security and perimeter protection considerations and we can help you make the best choices of hostile vehicle mitigation and perimeter protection to safeguard your festival and the festival goers who attend it.

Perimeter protection is a key consideration for festival security to ensure that only ticket holders can attend the event. Our FenceSafe range of temporary fencing and temporary hoarding systems can be deployed safely to provide seamless perimeter protection and, because they can be deployed on any terrain, they provide an ideal perimeter protection solution for festivals.

Rigorously tested and compliant, with sufficient wind loading and safety for to provide a reliable and trusted perimeter protection solution for your festival, our temporary fencing and hoarding systems can be installed with pedestrian and/or vehicle access gates to enable authorised access anywhere on the perimeter of your festival. Our temporary hoarding systems can also be vinyl wrapped for branding, information, wayfinding or advertising.

To help you maintain high standards of security when festival goers enter and exit your site, we can install surface mounted temporary turnstiles as part of your perimeter protection at all entry and exit points. They will allow single direction access or egress, with a flow rate of 15 to 22 people per minute, or they can be set to enable bi-directional access.

Vehicle as a weapon attacks are also a potential threat to festival security, and, thanks to our turnkey plan, provide, protect approach to festival security, we can help you understand your vulnerability, threat and risk with our expert threat vulnerability and risk assessment service, including vehicle dynamics analysis. From here, we can advise you on an appropriate and proportionate festival security strategy, and specify the right HVM choices for your festival, aligned to the identified risk, your operational requirements and your budget.

Our range of hostile vehicle mitigation systems includes pedestrian permeable HVM solutions designed to prevent unauthorised vehicle access, while enabling people to move freely around your festival site. We can also deploy agile, rapid installation HVM systems to protect grey zone areas outside the festival site for access and ingress, protecting pedestrians during temporary road closures for your festival and providing a reconfigurable solution.  We can also provide pedestrian permeable HVM systems for festivals with vehicle access points to ensure emergency services can reach the site if required.

Our HVM and perimeter protection solutions for festivals also include a wide range of customisation options, enabling you to add branding, advertising, information or wayfinding to your festival HVM protection.

Our HVM solutions for festivals provide festival security choices including:

  • Pedestrian permeable HVM such as ATG Surface Guard and ARX Stopper!™
  • Customisable HVM for branding, advertising, wayfinding or festival messaging
  • Rapid deployment HVM such as RB50 for temporary road closures and easy configuration
  • Drop and go HVM such as The Claw, for rapid deployment and great customisation options
  • Perimeter protection such as our FenceSafe range of temporary fencing and hoarding
  • Semi-permanent HVM solutions such as The Unafor Core, which can be deployed in the same location for your festival year after year
  • Decorative temporary HVM solutions such as Logic Protect Zona™ 3
  • Controlled pedestrian access with temporary gates and turnstiles, for use in combination with our FenceSafe range of perimeter protection
  • Rubber HVM and vehicle security barriers including the Impakt Defender and Rapid Defender from Rosehill Security
  • Rapid vehicle access for blue light services and deliveries

Take a look at our event security case studies to find out more!