Integrating HVM into the Public Realm

For local authorities considering public realm safety, introducing hostile vehicle mitigation into the public realm can play a central role in creating safer public spaces. At Crowdguard, we can help you integrate HVM into the public realm, working with you to incorporate permanent HVM in your public realm design.

What is public realm?

Public realm in urban design refers to spaces where members of the public may gather or where there is a heavy volume of footfall. Public realm design includes spaces such as public parks, pedestrianised areas, town squares and low traffic neighbourhoods. Installing HVM into the public realm protects pedestrians from the risk posed by vehicle as a weapon attacks and errant drivers, creating safer public spaces. It can also contribute to controlling vehicular access as part of green transport or pedestrianisation plans.

How can Crowdguard help you with public realm protection?

With our expertise in risk assessment and HVM specification, along with our ability to provide a turnkey civils, installation and maintenance service for public realm protection, Crowdguard is an ideal partner for you as you develop your plans for creating safer public spaces.

With early engagement as you begin your public realm safety planning, we can support you in identifying the locations where you can integrate HVM into public realm design, creating safer spaces while complementing your wider public realm strategy.

Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA)

Our TVRA process includes a Vehicle Dynamics Assessment (VDA), enabling us to clearly indicate the potential threats to staying safe in public spaces and the type of public realm protection best suited to mitigating risk.

Integrating HVM into the public realm should always be aligned to risk and operational requirements, creating safer public spaces that work with your public realm design.

Specification & Design

With the insights gained from our TVRA and VDA, we can advise you on HVM specification and design, aligned to your public realm design requirements.

This will take into account both pedestrian and vehicular access as part of a strategy for creating safer public spaces. It will include any requirement to enable rapid access for emergency or authorised vehicles.

Installation & Maintenance

Permanent or semi-permanent HVM requires civils works to create the foundations. We can provide this service for you, along with quality-assured installation of the HVM equipment, ensuring your public realm protection delivers its certified performance.

We will then continue to support your public realm safety goals with regular maintenance and servicing of the HVM equipment.

Your next steps for creating safer public spaces

At Crowdguard, we work collaboratively with local authorities, protecting in partnership to create safer spaces that do not compromise public realm design while offering appropriate and proportionate protection for pedestrians. Talk to our team about how we can help you achieve your goals for creating safer public spaces while providing authorised and emergency vehicle access.