Public Realm, pedestrianisation and outside dining protection

Public Realm Safety with Flexible Pedestrianisation and Outdoor Dining Solutions

Our towns and cities are changing. As local authorities, town planners and policy makers grapple with the dual challenges of reducing traffic and encouraging footfall in our urban centres, there is one clear and appealing answer: pedestrianisation.

What is Pedestrianisation?

Pedestrianisation refers to the designation of any space for pedestrians only. This can be achieved on a permanent or temporary basis and our surface mounted public realm protection systems provide a flexible approach to enabling pedestrian-only access while allowing vehicles at designated locations and times if required. Our systems are designed for use on almost any surface and provide aesthetically pleasing public realm protection that can be branded or customised with wayfinding, advertising or information.

Solutions for any pedestrianisation and public realm requirement

You may be looking for a solution that provides pedestrian permeable access to existing pedestrianised spaces while protecting people from vehicle as a weapon (VAW) attacks and ensuring vehicles do not attempt to drive in these locations.
Or perhaps you need to pedestrianise road areas in anticipation of public realm improvements or as part of a feasibility study for new traffic management and pedestrianisation proposals.

Maybe you’re looking for a public realm protection system that will enable you to implement pedestrianisation of certain roads at specific times of day with pedestrian safety barriers that can allow vehicle access between designated hours.
Whatever your requirements, at Crowdguard we have the range of pedestrian safety barriers and public realm protection systems needed to tailor a solution to your location and your pedestrianisation strategy.

Our pedestrian safety barriers for pedestrianised areas and public realm spaces include:

  • ATG Surface Guard – the award-winning, pedestrian permeable and aesthetically pleasing surface-mounted HVM system
  • Rapid Defender – a temporary vehicle security barrier designed by Rosehill and manufactured from 100% rubber
  • The Claw – a surface mounted drop and go barrier, which can be customised with company logos, branding or sponsorship
  • Impakt Defender – an IWA14-rated vehicle security barrier (VSB) made from 100% recycled rubber bonded with polyurethane for strength
  • FenceSafe temporary fencing systems – rapid deployment, surface mounted fencing systems developed by CLD Fencing Systems, the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing systems and security gates
  • FenceSafe Hoard – a next generation sustainable and secure hoarding, manufactured from a highly durable composite recycled plastic sectional profile, which includes vehicle and pedestrian gate options
  • FenceSafe Gates – to enable pedestrian or vehicle access as part of a FenceSafe temporary fencing installation
  • FenceSafe Turnstiles – a crowd management solution for pedestrian access as part of a FenceSafe temporary fencing installation

Making pedestrianisation safer

Pedestrianisation is a great way to encourage footfall in urban centres, reduce traffic and pollution, and improve the public realm. But what are the safety considerations of pedestrianisation and how can pedestrianised areas be made safer?

At Crowdguard, we work with local authorities and to help them implement pedestrianisation plans and deliver a safer public realm. Whether you want more pedestrianisation for outdoor dining and seating for hospitality businesses, you’re planning pedestrianisation as part of an environmental strategy, or you’re focused on creating a family-friendly public realm, we can provide valuable safe pedestrianisation support.

Pedestrianisation trials

The safety and security systems for pedestrianisation that we provide at Crowdguard are ideal for temporary pedestrianisation. This means that you can carry out a pedestrianisation trial as part of a consultation process. Our surface-mounted safety systems for pedestrianisation ensure robust safety for pedestrians, while providing a pedestrianisation solution that is fast to install, equally quick to remove and causes no damage to road surfaces or pavements.

As a result, our temporary pedestrianisation installations enable local authorities to collate detailed evidence of the impact of pedestrianisation on footfall in urban centres, along with the effects on local businesses, traffic levels and air quality.

How do temporary pedestrianisation systems keep people safer

At Crowdguard, we can advise you on the most suitable security systems for safe pedestrianisation. Our safe pedestrianisation solutions protect pedestrians against vehicle as a weapon (VAW) attacks and errant vehicles, while still enabling access to pedestrianised areas for emergency vehicles. We can even design your pedestrianisation installation to enable vehicular access at specific locations during certain times of day, to enable deliveries to businesses, for example.

We provide a complete solution for pedestrianisation, from specification through to installation by our experienced technicians, maintenance and removal. We can even customise the pedestrianisation systems for you to enable branding, advertising, information or wayfinding…or simply to meet your aesthetic requirements.

To learn more about our solutions for pedestrianisation and temporary pedestrianisation, visit our products pages.

Or take a look at some of our recent pedestrianisation projects, in Soho and Leeds.