Crowdguard – Protecting crowded spaces

A protection solution for the Public Realm

Keeping the Public Realm Safe

A safe and attractive public realm is a distinctive part of any town or city’s identity and has an important role to play in both the daytime and evening economy. Footfall is the lifeblood of urban locations and, whether they are local, day trippers or tourists, people will only come if they feel safe.

That’s why Crowdguard works with local authorities across the UK to provide public safety solutions for public realm spaces, without restricting movement or spoiling the location’s atmosphere or aesthetic.

What are the Public Realm Safety Threats?

There have been a number of terror attacks around the world where a vehicle has been weaponised to drive into crowds enjoying their leisure time or going about their daily business. These vehicle as a weapon (VAW) attacks can be devastating, but they are preventable with deployment of a hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) system, while still allowing pedestrians to move freely around the public realm.

As experts in crowd management, Crowdguard works with local authorities to recommend the right temporary HVM system for public realm locations, from a range that includes our award-winning ATG Surface Guard system, the Rapid Defender system or the Impakt Defender system.

Alongside the risk of terror attacks, local authorities must also consider the safety of pedestrians from road users, including drink drivers. This can be a particular concern for public realm areas which are pedestrianised during limited hours, or locations where temporary vehicle restrictions have been put in place.

We Can Help You with Public Realm Safety

If you’re a local authority that needs a flexible temporary public realm safety system that can be deployed quickly and adapted to the changing needs of your location, get in touch with our team to see how we could help you.

To find out more about public realm safety solutions we have already installed for local councils, take a look at our case studies.