Rapaid emergency bandage kits

Combining hostile vehicle risk mitigation with first aid response

We provide Rapaid emergency bandage kits at no additional charge for every Crowdguard HVM deployment.

At Crowdguard, our mission is to protect people and assets from vehicle attacks and errant drivers with appropriate and proportionate HVM deployment, based on a threat, vulnerability and risk assessment, and aligned to your risk, operational requirements and budget.

But we know that we cannot protect people from every risk, and we want to do everything we can to mitigate the impact of an attack, accident or incident should the worst happen.  That’s why we have entered into a partnership with Rapaid; an emergency bandages charity that provides military grade emergency bandage kits for workplaces, public spaces and public realm environments.

We are supporting the events industry and those responsible for the public realm as they prepare for Martyn’s Law (Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill) and we are passionate about the role of HVM in an overall counter-terrorism plan. Our HVM mitigates risk, but if the worst should happen, our Rapaid bandages will reduce the consequences. Given that we know some of those who perished in the Manchester Arena attack might have survived if there had been emergency bandages available to stem the bleeding, we see both prevention and emergency response as important factors in delivering the principles of Martyn’s Law.

Connecting prevention and response

By partnering with Rapaid, we’re not only ensuring that emergency bandage kits are available wherever we deploy HVM, we’re also benefitting a charity that aims to make emergency bandages available in publicly accessible locations (PALs) and workplaces to save lives.

Our experienced team of HVM installers have been trained to use the Rapaid emergency bandage kits, but they are designed for use by anyone, allowing members of the public to help casualties by stemming the bleeding, should the worst happen. By acting quickly and using the right equipment to stop someone bleeding out until the emergency services arrive, any member of the public could save a life.

We hope that no-one will ever need to use our Rapaid kits, but if they do, we know it could save lives and allow people to make a difference.

About our Rapaid emergency bandage kits

Our Rapid emergency bandage kits are mounted in an accessible location at each HVM installation and each kit contains full laminated instructions, along with the military grade bandages and a tourniquet.

Each sterile bandage is individually sealed and can be opened easily. The bandage has a padded area which is applied to the wound, and the remainder of the bandage is used to wrap the wound. It is fed through integral tourniquet, which can then be twisted to tighten the bandage and positioned over the wound to apply pressure.

Get in touch if you’d like to support Rapaid  or request an emergency bandage kit.

Bleeding out: The facts

  • It takes just 2-5 minutes to bleed out from an injury
  • Bleeding out is a risk following a terror attack, stabbing or accident
  • Putting pressure on the wound helps to stop the bleeding
  • Rapaid emergency bandages can be deployed by an untrained individual in just one minute
  • Applying an emergency bandage buys vital minutes until the emergency services arrive