Vehicle Attack Protection – Creating Safer Places for All

  • Rapid Defender

    Lightweight, recycled rubber vehicle security barriers (VSB)

Rapid Defender vehicle security barriers offer

  • Fast and simple installation in minutes
  • A physical and visual security deterrent
  • A lightweight solution requiring no special tools or equipment, easier transportation and rapid installation
  • Quick and easy deployment, removal and relocation with no foundations required
  • Flexibility for custom configuration
  • Integrated, redeployable pedestrian and vehicle portals
  • Suitability for any site, including uneven surfaces and road cambers
  • The option of customisable covers for branding opportunities
  • Sustainability benefit – manufactured from 100% recycled rubber
  • An innovative modular design, providing compatibility with other hostile vehicle mitigation solutions from Crowdguard

If you’d like more information on Rapid Defender, impact rating specifications for vehicle security barriers and how our hostile vehicle mitigation solutions could help to keep people safe at your event, get in touch.

Technical specifications

Weight of Unit: 49kg

Size of Unit: 333 x 600 x 600mm

Connectors: 20mm steel rods or 20mm threaded bar

Pedestrian portal width: 1240mm

Vehicle portal width: 3720mm

Rapid Defender VSB System

Manufactured by Rosehill, a specialist in innovative recycled rubber perimeter security products and ballistic solutions, Rapid Defender is just what its name suggests: a defensive system that is quick and easy to deploy, remove and relocate.

In fact, Rapid Defender high security vehicle barriers are so lightweight and easy to install that a four-person team can erect a barrier across the width of a road in as little as 30 minutes.

Manufactured from 100% recycled rubber, it may be more than 65% lighter than concrete, with each unit weighing just 49kgs, but it is extremely strong and resilient thanks to the natural properties of rubber. Ease and speed of installation from the Rapid Defender make these anti-vehicle security barriers ideal for public realm environments, visitor attractions, sports events and commercial environments.

Providing both a physical and visual security deterrent to protect against vehicle as a weapon (VAW) attacks and unauthorised vehicular access, Rapid Defender vehicle mitigation barriers are suitable for any type of site, event or location – from the streets around a stadium to the uneven topography of a festival site. It provides true versatility with custom configuration to include as many or as few pedestrian and vehicle portals as you need, along with optional covers for bespoke branding opportunities.

Our range of recycled rubber systems from Rosehill also includes the Impakt Defender.