Vehicle Incursion Protection – Robust Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

RB50 offers:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Rapid de-rigging
  • Fully-tested 4m array
  • Mobile and modular
  • Compact storage
  • Installation and de-rigging requires a single technician
  • Fully galvanized steel structure for all weather conditions and environments
  • Ease of reconfiguration

Security Rating

IWA 14-1: 2013
V/3500 (N1)/48/90:12.4
V/7200 (N2)/48/90:25.5 (dbl. upstands, 4000mm array)
V/7200 (N2)/48/90:31.4
PAS 68: 2013
V/7500 (N2)/48/90:31.16

Technical specifications

Width: 4000mm (tested array)
Height: 800mm
Depth: 1100mm
Weight: 260kg (4000m array)

Rapid deployment HVM

For environments where flexible and robust event safety barriers are needed in a hurry, our Highway Care RB50 is an ideal HVM system.

Event safety barriers that can be installed in as little as five minutes by a single installation technician, RB50 event barriers offer a certified HVM system that can be wheeled into position quickly and easily.

This mobile and modular HVM system provides complete flexibility for locations that require pedestrian safety for specific times – whether that’s certain times of day, or specific days in the year – allowing them to be opened to traffic again quickly and easily, as required.

A fully portable HVM system, RB50 has been tested in a 4000mm array, thereby offering an event and crowd safety management solution that is almost always deployed ‘as rated’. This is an important consideration as part of security risk analysis and our expert team will advise you on whether RB50 mobile, modular event safety barriers are the right HVM solution for your event or location as part of our threat, vulnerability and risk assessment (TVRA) process.

The fully galvanized steel RB50 event safety barriers are wheeled into position and the wheels are then removed,  providing a robust surface-mounted HVM system. Each 4m RB50 array can be de-rigged just as quickly, and the HVM system can be dismantled for compact storage, with a single 1.2m2 stillage allowing compact storage for two 4000mm arrays – equivalent to 11600mm of protection.

RB50 is an ideal, affordable HVM system for various environments that require event safety barriers, including outdoor events, stadiums and venues. It is ideal for local authorities who need to create pedestrianised areas with crowd safety barriers to enable pop-up events and markets on the same footprint on a regular basis and for Zone Ex match day installations. The RB50 HVM system can also provide a suitable crowd and event management system to mitigate risk in line with proposed Martyn’s Law legislation following a threat, vulnerability and risk assessment (TVRA).