Protecting your stadium or venue

Stadia and venues are designed to accommodate large crowds but managing those crowds and keeping them safe while enabling everyone to enjoy themselves can be challenging. That’s where our crowd management expertise and range of systems can help.

We can help with various safety and security requirements and provide installations that can be customised with branding, information, advertising or wayfinding to help enhance your crowd management strategy and deliver an aesthetically pleasing solution.

For Stadia

Alongside match fixtures, your stadium may be used for concerts and conferencing so we understand that your crowd management needs may change from week to week. Our solutions are surface mounted, quick to install and easy to reconfigure so we can offer you a flexible approach to accommodating your changing needs, throughout the season and throughout the year.

For Venues

Our systems can help you implement queuing systems, wayfinding to the correct access point, bag checks and head counting, while also protecting visitors and the venue from vehicle as a weapon attacks. Our temporary fencing, hoarding and pedestrian permeable security barriers can be installed virtually anywhere at short notice.

Our systems can help you:

  • Prevent vehicle access and protect your stadium or venue from vehicle as a weapon attacks (VAW)
  • Manage pedestrian access with demarcation of access routes
  • Prevent access to restricted areas
  • Achieve effective perimeter security while enabling access for authorised personnel and vehicles
  • Control access with gates and turnstiles located wherever you need them, enabling additional security checks, ticket collection and head counting where required
  • Segregate areas not in use or available to visitors
  • Brand your stadium or venue and provide opportunities for advertising, information and wayfinding

Our pedestrian safety barriers and temporary fencing, gates and turnstiles for stadia and venues include:

  • ATG Surface Guard – the award-winning, pedestrian permeable and aesthetically pleasing surface-mounted HVM system
  • Rapid Defender – a temporary vehicle security barrier designed by Rosehill and manufactured from 100% rubber
  • The Claw – a surface mounted drop and go barrier, which can be customised with company logos, branding or sponsorship
  • Impakt Defender – an IWA14-rated vehicle security barrier (VSB) made from 100% recycled rubber bonded with polyurethane for strength
  • FenceSafe temporary fencing systems – rapid deployment, surface mounted fencing systems developed by CLD Fencing Systems, the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing systems and security gates
  • FenceSafe Hoard – a next generation sustainable and secure hoarding, manufactured from a highly durable composite recycled plastic sectional profile, which includes vehicle and pedestrian gate options
  • FenceSafe Gates – to enable pedestrian or vehicle access as part of a FenceSafe temporary fencing installation
  • FenceSafe Turnstiles – a crowd management solution for pedestrian access as part of a FenceSafe temporary fencing installation