Protecting people, reducing risk and enhancing high streets with storefront protection

High street shops and hospitality businesses are vulnerable to vehicle as a weapon attacks and accidental damage from errant vehicles. At Crowdguard, our storefront protection installations help retailers, cafés, bars and restaurants protect themselves from the commercial risks involved in storefront crashes, while keeping staff and customers safer.

Storefront security risks

According to data collected in the US over the past decade by the Storefront Safety Council, there have been more than 24,000 storefront crash incidents in the past 10 years in the USA. This data has been scaled up by Lloyds of London, indicating that storefront crashes occur globally 100 times per day, with 46% of all storefront crash incidents resulting in an injury, and 8% resulting in a fatality.

Whether you have an independent high street business or you are part of a global brand, your high street location could leave you vulnerable to a criminal storefront attack or accidental shop front damage. This could take the form of:

  • A terrorist attack causing a storefront crash
  • A ram raid attack on your premises to enable access for theft of goods
  • A malicious shop front attack using a vehicle as a weapon
  • An accidental storefront crash caused by dangerous driving

Depending on the speed and size of the vehicle, the damage caused by a storefront crash could be substantial if there is no storefront protection in place. And alongside the shop front damage and the impact on business continuity, a storefront crash could also harm your staff and customers too.

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How to protect people from storefront crashes

Injuries to staff and customers can be caused by both accidental storefront crashes and malicious high street attacks, but IWA-14-1 certified HVM storefront protection systems can prevent both of accidental and malicious storefront crashes, playing a vital role in protecting people.

For example, our Unafor Core HVM system is a semi-permanent storefront protection system that can be installed with street furniture, planters or bollards to enhance the high street environment while preventing storefront crashes. This means that damage to your property is limited and staff and customers are protected from harm. We can even design storefront protection installations to keep people safe in al-fresco dining environments outside your café, bar or restaurant.

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What are the commercial risks of storefront crashes?

In addition to protecting people, HVM storefront protection systems can be critical in preventing damage to high street properties as a result of storefront crashes. When an incident happens, the impact goes much further than the cost of repairing the damage.

Here are just some of the commercial risks of a storefront crash:

Storefront crashes and the cost of repairs

A vehicle could smash the window, cause structural damage, ruin stock and damage exterior and interior decoration. Even if your insurance pays out, this will take time and will probably result in the costs of a policy excess, and an increased premium.

Storefront crashes and lost stock

Stock or equipment could be damaged or stolen during a vehicle as a weapon attack or while the property in unsecured.

Storefront crashes and business continuity

If damage to your property has occurred, you may not be able to trade while the repairs are carried out. This can affect your profitability and your reputation.

Storefront crashes and insurance premiums

Retailers targeted by thieves or due to their high profile brand often find it difficult to find insurance if their risk of shop front damage is high, and premiums will rise in line with risk.

Crowdguard can help you protect your business against a storefront crash

We offer a 3600 service for storefront protection, including a threats, vulnerability and risk assessment to inform a bespoke specification. Our storefront protection service includes installation, maintenance and de-rigging.

The solution we usually recommend for storefront protection is the Unafor Core.  An IWA-14-1 certified semi-permanent HVM system with easy installation and rapid deployment by a single technician, Unafor Core requires a foundation just 300mm deep and is just 500mm tall.

The flexible Unafor Core system can be used in combination with street furniture, planters, or bollards for storefront protection, which can be branded or colour-coordinated with the streetscape and provide a welcoming, attractive public realm, while protecting people and property from storefront crashes.

Paving or surface finishes can be placed around the Unafor Core sockets, enabling the installation to blend into its surroundings, and the system’s innovative click and lock mounted installation method enables posts to be inserted into foundation sockets and locked into place with a firm and stable fit. The chosen seating, planter or bollard is then mounted on the posts to provide attractive storefront protection.

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