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  • FenceSafe Temporary Fencing

    Rapid deployment security solutions for perimeter protection

Our FenceSafe temporary fencing systems provide the level of robust perimeter protection and event security systems you’d expect from a permanent installation in a versatile temporary security fencing solution.

Developed by CLD Fencing Systems, the UK’s largest supplier of rigid mesh fencing systems and security gates, FenceSafe temporary security fencing systems feature an innovative, patented cantilever base, used with 200kg loose or bagged ballast. This enables you to choose foundation-free, surface mounted security systems for your event or site, enabling rapid deployment security solutions in any location, while ensuring high levels of safety with BS EN 1991-1-4 and BS 6399 compliance for wind loading in excess of 100mph. A four-way adjustable bracket, enables the temporary fencing system to be installed with a true fence line, regardless of the gradient, for reliable event safety and crowd management.

As part of our wide-ranging portfolio of event and security solutions, Crowdguard can offer a choice of four FenceSafe temporary security fencing solutions, all of which are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 and come with a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects.

FenceSafe Eclipse

The first full temporary fencing system to offer all the performance of a rigid mesh fence in a temporary event security solution, FenceSafe Eclipse uses CLD’s Eclipse-60 to provide a profiled temporary fencing system that can be converted to a permanent perimeter security measure at the end of the project.

The profiled mesh panels, with 200 x 50mm mesh apertures, feature a 30mm projection to prevent climb over. Additional security toppings can be fitted to the system to prevent scaling, providing an effective temporary perimeter protection security system, ideal for crowd safety management, public realm protection or temporary event security.

  • A temporary to permanent fencing solution that can be re-used
  • Easy fixing security clips
  • Pin Hex security fixings
  • Wind-rated to BS EN 1991 for wind speed in excess of 100mph
  • Anti-trip design
  • 30mm projecting spikes
  • Fully resistant welded joints with 5mm wires
  • Galvanised and polyester powder coated post and panels in a full range of RAL colours, including RAL 6005 Green and RAL 9005 Black from stock
  • Lower carbon footprint with 100% Recycled Base and 90% Recycled UK and European Steel Fencing
  • Heights 1230,1730,1930,2330,3030mm
  • Panel widths 2500mm or 3000mm
  • Mesh Apertures 200x 50mm
  • Wire Diameter 5mm (horizontals and verticals)
  • Post size 60 x 60mm SHS

FenceSafe Dulok-Lite

A super-rigid temporary fencing system, the FenceSafe Dulok-Lite provides a double wire mesh panel, which is commonly used in a variety of event and security solutions around the world, including sports, schools and airports.

The temporary security fencing system has a flat front that allows banners to be installed to obscure the view from the site, whilst also offering an anti-cut through panel in the form of twin wires.

  • A flat panel to accommodate debris netting
  • Steel security clip with security pin hex screw
  • Twin horizontal wires for maximum rigidity and an anti-cut through solution
  • 30mm edge projection to provide anti-climb deterrent
  • Wind-rated to BS EN 1991 for wind speed in excess of 100mph
  • Anti-trip design
  • Lower carbon footprint with 100% Recycled Base and 90% Recycled UK and European Steel Fencing
  • Galvanised and polyester powder coated panels and posts, available in a full range of RAL colours including Marine Grade
  • Height – 1830,2030,2430, 3030mm
  • Panel width 2506mm
  • Mesh Apertures 200x50mm
  • Wire Diameter – 5mm verticals and twin 6mm horizontals
  • Top Edge projection 30mm (can be inverted for nil)

FenceSafe SR1 LPS1175 security-rated temporary fencing system

The world’s first LPS 1175 security rated temporary fencing system, FenceSafe SR1 is ideal for use as temporary event security or perimeter protection. This security and event solution provides a guaranteed minimum delay of at least 60 seconds against attacks using a range of tools. The 2.4m perimeter protection system utilises 76.2 x 12.5mm mesh aperture panels to offer a true anti-climb system, along with the innovative FenceSafe temporary fencing base. Additional security toppings, such as barbed wire or razor coils can be fitted to the system at installation, as added perimeter protection security to reduce scaling risk and provide increased delay. The whole system is secured with CLD’s SafeTFix hidden fixing system, which means there are no external fixings to the attack face.

  • Anti-climb 358 mesh panels in the form of 76.2 x12.5mm mesh apertures
  • Full-length clamp bar with a hidden fixing system which means there are no external fixings on show
  • Through bolt with rear-fastening security fixings
  • Overlapping panels for added perimeter security
  • Wind-rated to BS EN 1991 for wind loading up to 100mph
  • 100% Recycled base
  • Tested and certified to LPS 1175 SR1.
  • Offers guaranteed minimum attack delay of at least 60 seconds against a range of tools
  • Foundation-free installation
  • 4m heights
  • Secured By Design accreditation
  • Anti-climb panels
  • Galvanised and polyester powder coated in a wide range of RAL colours, with galvanised-only and marine grade finish systems also available
  • Height:2400mm
  • Post Centres:2440mm
  • Panel Widths:2514mm
  • Posts:60 x 60mm SHS
  • Mesh Apertures:76.2 x 12.5mm
  • Wire Diameter:4mm nominal
  • Top Projection :Nil

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