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  • FenceSafe high security pedestrian gates

    Crowd access points for temporary security fencing

As part of your temporary security fencing installation, you may require access points that offer the same level of security as your event barrier systems, which is why we offer temporary security gates as part of our FenceSafe range.

We will work with you to advise on the number, location and type of temporary security gate that best suits your event safety and crowd management needs, offering a choice of swing or sliding gate options, each delivering the same level of reliable perimeter security as the surrounding fence lines.

Temporary Security Gate – FenceSafe Swing Gate

Our FenceSafe temporary swing gates provide an ideal secure ingress and egress solution for a variety of environments, including events and construction sites.  They are available as either single leaf 1.2m, or double leaf 4.0m temporary security gate solutions as standard with bespoke sizes also available. Each temporary security gate is supplied complete with infills to match the fence line and can be converted to a permanent access control solution for long-term perimeter protection security if required.

  • Single or double leaf swing gate options, with bespoke sizes available on request
  • Various rigid mesh infills to match the FenceSafe fence line
  • Support stays for increased stability
  • Cantilever FenceSafe base plated support
  • Galvanised and polyester powder coated in a full range of RAL colours
  • Single leaf heights – 1800mm 2000mm 2400mm 3000mm
  • Single leaf widths – up to 1200mm
  • Double leaf Heights – 1800mm 2000m m 2400mm 3000mm
  • Double leaf widths – up to 6000mm

Temporary Security Gate – FenceSafe Sliding Gate

The FenceSafe Sliding Gate was the first sliding temporary security gate to be designed for use with event and security solutions.  Based on FenceSafe’s range of permanent gate solutions, it is a manual cantilever sliding gate, which is easy to operate and suitable for redeployment as your site’s perimeter security requirements change. This versatile event safety and crowd management solution is available in a number of heights and widths, enabling us to offer you security and event solutions tailored to your site and perimeter security needs.

  • Single leaf and double leaf temporary sliding gates up to 8m wide
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Temporary pre-assembled and pre-fixed steel and concrete pad
  • Various mesh infills to gate cladding to match temporary fence line
  • Trackless operation for a smooth sliding action
  • Aluminium finish and polyester coated in a wide range of RAL colours
  • Single leaf Heights 1800mm 2000mm 24000mm
  • Single leaf widths up to 4000mm
  • Double leaf heights 1800mm 2000mm 2400mm
  • Double leaf widths Up to 8000mm

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