Protecting transport infrastructure with robust perimeter and crowd management solutions

Managing crowds safely and orienting people to the right location in a transport hub can be challenging, especially for interchange locations that may be served by multiple modes of transport.

Passengers may need to be segregated according to check-in status, method of transport, destination, ticket type or immigration status, and there is always potential for delays to cause disruption and overcrowding.

Crowd management solutions from Crowdguard can help across airports, railway and underground stations, ports and ferry terminals, and bus stations. Many of our systems can even be customised with branding, wayfinding, advertising or information for a multi-purpose, aesthetically pleasing solution.

Our crowd management and perimeter protection systems for transport hub locations include:

ATG Surface Guard

–the award-winning, pedestrian permeable and aesthetically pleasing surface-mounted HVM system

Rapid Defender

-a temporary vehicle security barrier designed by Rosehill and manufactured from 100% rubber

The Claw

–a surface mounted drop and go barrier, which can be customised with company logos, branding or sponsorship

Impakt Defender

-an IWA14-rated vehicle security barrier (VSB) made from 100% recycled rubber bonded with polyurethane for strength

FenceSafe temporary fencing systems

–rapid deployment, surface mounted fencing systems developed by CLD Fencing Systems, the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing systems and security gates

FenceSafe Hoard

–a next-generation sustainable and secure hoarding, manufactured from a highly durable composite recycled plastic sectional profile, which includes vehicle and pedestrian gate options

FenceSafe Gates

–to enable pedestrian or vehicle access as part of a FenceSafe temporary fencing installation

FenceSafe Turnstiles

–a crowd management solution for pedestrian access as part of a FenceSafe temporary fencing installation

At airports

Our crowd management solutions can help to segregate passengers, prevent vehicle access to restricted areas and provide a robust defence against the threat of vehicle as a weapon (VAW) attacks.

At train and underground stations

Our perimeter protection systems can prevent people gaining access to hazardous track locations and our HVM barriers can protect the station from vehicle as a weapon VAW attacks.

At ports and ferry terminals

Our surface mounted barriers can be used to separate lanes of vehicles waiting to board and prevent vehicular access to pedestrian only areas. We also have a range of perimeter protection systems to protect secure locations and prevent people from by-passing customs or passport controls.

At bus stations

Our fencing and hoarding systems can be used to segregate passengers from busy bus lanes and our road safety barriers provide an ideal solution for segregating public service vehicles and drop off/taxi rank locations.

For Infrastructure improvements

We can also help with temporary protection systems at transport hub locations during infrastructure improvement works and have worked on numerous projects of this kind, including upgrades to Edinburgh Waverley Station, for example. Our surface mounted security systems offer a robust temporary barrier that can be reconfigured and moved as work progresses. HVM solutions offer temporary protection systems when permanent barriers may not be in place and can also protect access to temporary works during transport hub improvement projects. Meanwhile, temporary fencing and hoarding can be deployed for perimeter protection, crowd safety management and to shield unsightly work areas.