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    Event safety and crowd management solutions

Managing the flow of people into and out of an event is an essential element of crowd safety management. Our FenceSafe temporary turnstiles make it easier to manage and monitor crowd access as part of your site control strategy, while offering rapid deployment security solutions that are both fast to install and robust.

Designed to prevent tailgating and piggyback entry to your event, our temporary turnstile crowd access solutions provide you with the reliable event security systems required to control your site without the need for guard supervision.

You can select whether each temporary turnstile will allow single direction access or egress only, or bi-directional access and egress, depending on the safety considerations for your event and the security levels you need at each crowd access point. A temporary turnstile installed to allow single direction access or egress will provide a flow rate of 15 to 22 people per minute.

Suitable for use with any of our FenceSafe temporary fencing range, FenceSafe temporary turnstiles can be installed at as an integral part of the fence line wherever you need them, delivering a flexible event and security solution.

They are manufactured to the same high standards as permanent turnstiles while offering surface mounted security systems thanks to a self-contained weighted base, complete with a lifting point. The result is temporary crowd access solution that is fast to install and requires no ground fixings, while delivering a robust, force tested crowd safety management solution suitable for heavy usage.

  • The turnstile forms part of the existing fence line, providing complete and seamless perimeter security
  • Force tested to 1200 Newtons
  • Choice of 90° or 120° rotor assemblies
  • 100% duty cycle heavy industrial usage
  • 15 – 22 person per minute single direction flow rate
  • Side frames
  • Optional fire alarm activation to engage free rotation for evacuation purposes
  • Bi-directional or single direction access/egress
  • Available with straight arm as standard or optional trombone arm
  • Available with canopies and downlights
  • Mild steel with polyester powder coated finish in a wide range of RAL colours
  • Unit weight c.230kg
  • Dimensions 1280mm x 1400mm x 1790mm
  • Rotor sizes 76mm tube with bottom supported bearing
  • Arm sizes 42mm tube with capped ends
  • Side frames 33mm tube welded to curve base plate
  • Flow rates 15 – 22 person per minute in single direction

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