As a national event security specialist, we provide a turnkey solution for protecting people and places with hostile vehicle mitigation and perimeter protection solutions tailored to mitigate risk

Dedicated to terror attack and vehicle incursion risk mitigation with an end-to-end service for HVM and perimeter protection

While terrorist attacks, ram raids and accidental vehicle incursions are rare, vehicle as a weapon attacks and errant vehicles remain a significant risk to people and assets. Our services are designed to identify the threat, vulnerability and risk of your event and location so that we can recommend the most appropriate and proportionate HVM and perimeter protection solutions to keep people and assets safer. We can then plan and implement HVM and perimeter protection deployment for you, ensuring on-time installation by trained technicians anywhere in the UK, and prompt de-rigging after your event.

Whether you need a rapid temporary HVM deployment for a short-term event, a semi-permanent HVM system for regular events, or a permanent HVM installation, we are here to help. Our team will advise and support you every step of the way.

Authorised Vehicle Access

We can provide HVM systems that enable authorised vehicle access for emergency services and deliveries.

Rated HVM Protection

Our market-leading HVM systems have been tested and rated and we will always explain to you any variation from the as rated configuration.


Our innovative range of HVM and perimeter protection systems are designed for flexible installation in a wide range of environments.


Many of our HVM and perimeter protection systems can be customised for branding, advertising or wayfinding, enhancing the aesthetics and commercial potential of the event security installation.

Experienced Experts

Our team are experts in risk mitigation, HVM specification and event security installations. You can rely on us for the highest standards of technical knowledge at every point in your event security project.

Rapid deployment

Our temporary HVM and perimeter protection systems are designed for rapid installation and reconfiguration, enabling us to offer a responsive service and optimised flexibility for your changing event security needs.

Tailored solutions

We can provide temporary, semi-permanent or permanent HVM or perimeter protection systems, and will always advise you on the best solution to meet your requirements, providing appropriate and proportionate security protection for your event or publicly accessible location (PAL).

Risk Assessment

Our services include threat vulnerability and risk assessment (TVRA), including vehicle dynamics assessment (VDA), to ensure every deployment is designed to mitigate the identified risk.

Practical & Pragmatic

Our event security services are designed to fit around your requirements, with our recommendations and HVM deployment considering your operational needs and available budget, alongside the identified risk.

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Crowdguard has a national Hostile Vehicle Mitigation distribution network.