Stadium security – protecting Zone Ex

If you are responsible for stadium security, your remit probably includes Zone Ex security to protect pedestrians on their way to and from the stadium as part of match day security.

What is Zone Ex stadium security?       

Zone Ex is the area surrounding the stadium where public roads are closed to vehicles on match days or for events to enable temporary pedestrianisation for ingress and egress.

These Zone Ex stadium security locations are usually outside of stadium property, and would normally fall within the local authority’s responsibility. For match day security and events, however, it is within the stadium operator’s remit to ensure Zone Ex security is robust, protecting pedestrians from vehicle incursions onto closed roads and enabling fans to walk safely through these areas as they arrive at the stadium and when they leave. Download our guide to Zone Ex Security

Why is Zone Ex stadium security so important?

Zone Ex security for fans on match days is not just a duty of care; this element of stadium security is also a commercial priority for stadium operators. Fans want to know that they – and their family – can attend the match safely. They want to feel safe in the Zone Ex areas when they arrive at the stadium and leave to go home. That’s why it is so important to have Zone Ex security measures in place that are visible, without looking threatening.

What type of security measures are needed for Zone Ex security at stadiums?

While cones and signage provide a visual indication of which Zone Ex areas are closed to traffic, they do not provide robust physical Zone Ex protection against malicious or errant vehicle incursions. As a result, fans can be at risk from vehicles in the Zone Ex area, unless appropriate and proportionate  hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) equipment is specified and correctly installed.

A variety of temporary and semi-permanent HVM systems are suitable for Zone Ex security and, at Crowdguard, we can help you understand your Zone Ex security risk as part of a turnkey approach to stadium security. Our in-house threat, vulnerability and risk assessment (TVRA) capabilities, including vehicle dynamics assessment (VDA), ensure that we can advise you on appropriate and  proportionate Zone Ex security solutions aligned to your identified risk, operational requirements and budget. Contact our team

Alongside match fixtures, your stadium may be used for concerts and conferencing so we understand that your crowd management needs may change from week to week. Our solutions are surface mounted, quick to install and easy to reconfigure so we can offer you a flexible approach to accommodating your changing needs, throughout the season and throughout the year.

Our HVM systems commonly used for Zone Ex Security include:


A rapid deployment HVM system, installed in as rated 4000mm arrays, the RB50 from Highway Care Security is ideal for Zone Ex Security requirements because each array takes just five minutes to install. This means we can deploy your Zone Ex security before kick off as part of match day security to enable safe pedestrian access to the stadium. We can then de-rig the RB50 to re-open Zone Ex locations to traffic during the match, and install the RB50 in the same Zone Ex locations and configuration or alternative sites before the fans leave the stadium. Find out more about RB50 for Zone Ex security.

ARX Stopper!™

 Comprising two elements that are assembled to create a unit with four arms, ARX Stopper!™ can be covered, providing robust, pedestrian permeable Zone Ex Security, while also enabling optional customisation for branding or advertising in your Zone Ex locations. Multiple ARX Stopper!™ units can be fixed together in  single array to prevent vehicle incursions in the Zone Ex area, while allowing pedestrians to move freely. Find out more about ARX Stopper!™ for Zone Ex security.

The Claw

 The Claw is a ‘drop and go’ surface mounted temporary HVM system, which is ideal for Zone Ex security because it requires no assembly, fixings or anchoring, so it is quick to deploy before and after a match. It can be customised for branding or advertising to provide added value for Zone Ex match day security, and we can attach accessories to it, including refuse bins and information boards making this a multi-purpose stadium security option for Zone Ex locations. Find out more about The Claw for Zone Ex Security.

ATG Surface Guard

 This award-winning, surface mounted temporary HVM system is a pedestrian permeable solution for Zone Ex security, which enables match goers to move around freely on foot, while protecting against vehicle incursions. The system can be installed as Zone Ex match day security with vehicle access plates to enable blue light services to enter the Zone Ex area in as little as 30 seconds. This system can also be customised with branding or advertising, for a bespoke approach to Zone Ex security. Find out more about ATG Surface Guard for Zone Ex security.

Unafor Core

 This flexible semi-permanent HVM system is ideal for routine Zone Ex security requirements, enabling rapid, as needed deployment for match day security or stadium events. Installation involves putting shallow mount foundations in place in Zone Ex locations, and paving or surface finishes can be placed around the sockets, which can be supplied with cover plates, enabling the installation to blend into its surroundings on non-match days. The lightweight HVM system can be installed or removed by a single technician for Zone Ex security requirements on match days, thanks to its innovative click and lock mounted installation method, and, as the foundations are set to NPSA standards at 1.2m apart, installation is always rated, because the posts can’t be installed incorrectly. There are a range of options to customise your Zone Ex security with Unafor Core, including bollards, planters and street furniture. Find out more about Unafor Core for Zone Ex Security.

Our Zone Ex security experience

At Crowdguard, we have worked with several football clubs and stadiums to provide Zone Ex Security and fan zones. You can read more about our capabilities in our Leeds United FC case study.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our team to discuss your Zone Ex security requirements or match day security risk.