Temporary vehicle security barriers (VSB) – Providing safer spaces for all

  • Impakt Defender

    Robust, high security vehicle barriers to protect people, buildings and infrastructure

Product benefits

  • A physical and visual security deterrent
  • Excellent protection from vehicle borne attacks
  • Unique design deforms to increase stopping performance
  • Over 65% lighter than concrete solutions
  • Modular design allows protection of entrances and perimeters
  • Easy to install, remove and relocate
  • Suitable for all types of sites
  • Install in a straight line or a curve

Technical specifications

Weight of Unit:   430kg
Unit Dimensions: 1m x 1m x 1m
Fabrication Materials: Recycled Rubber
Fixing: Surface-mounted
IWA-14 –1


Designed and manufactured by Rosehill, a specialist in innovative recycled rubber perimeter security products and ballistic solutions, Impakt Defender is an IWA-14-1 rated vehicle security barrier (VSB) made from 100% recycled rubber. Suitable for both perimeters and entry points, it provides a versatile security solution for a wide variety of environments, including sporting events, festivals, city centre locations and public transport hubs.

The Impakt Defender system provides excellent protection from all types of vehicle attacks, with impressive impact test specifications for vehicle security barriers. With its distinctive shape, the system is unmistakable and provides confidence to pedestrians and event goers, while delivering a visible and physical deterrent for would-be attackers.

Harnessing the natural properties of rubber to absorb impact, Impakt Defender vehicle mitigation barriers provide unbeatable stopping performance, while providing ease of installation and the versatility to create straight or curved perimeter barriers.

The modular system is 65% lighter than concrete alternatives and comprises 460kg solid rubber units, each measuring 1m x 1m x 1m. Surface mounted with no requirements for foundations, Impakt Defender anti-vehicle security barriers are connected by steel securing cables to provide freestanding protection almost anywhere, with ease of reconfiguration to respond to evolving terrorist and security threats.

  • Impakt Defender vehicle security barriers are the ideal solution for:
  • Exceptional stopping performance providing excellent protection from vehicle borne attacks
  • Straight or curved perimeter barriers
  • Ease of installation, removal and reconfiguration
  • Perimeter and entrance security suitable for all types of site
  • Delivering a physical and visual security deterrent
  • More manageable deployment – 65% lighter than concrete solutions

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