Vehicle Attack Protection – Creating Safer Places for All

  • Husson H-Stop®

    Rapid deployment HVM barrier

Husson H-Stop® hostile vehicle mitigation barriers offer:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • A physical and visual hostile vehicle deterrent
  • Immediate authorised vehicle access
  • 1200mm pedestrian permeability between each unit
  • Suitability for uneven road surfaces
  • Ease of reconfiguration with just one operative need to wheel each HVM unit into position
  • Advertising, branding and wayfinding opportunities
  • Compact storage
  • A single 1200mm unit is certified stop a 3,500kg vehicle at 48kph

Technical specifications

Height above ground:1288mm
Width of unit: 1200mm
Depth of unit: 1275mm
Width of tested array: 1200mm
Weight: 179kg
Foundation depth: Surface mounted
Security rating:
ISO 22343-1:Surface Placed Barrier – V/3500[N1]/48/90:12.9/19.0

A surface-mounted HVM system that requires no fixtures or fittings, the H-Stop® is the only HVM system available that has been tested and certified as a single 1200mm unit. An ideal HVM solution for protecting road closures or implementing rapid, pedestrian permeable HVM protection, it provides versatile hostile vehicle mitigation, with ease of reconfiguration and convenient compact storage.

How does the H-Stop® HVM system work?

The HVM barrier can be wheeled into position virtually anywhere by a single operative. It works by tipping a vehicle on contact, changing its trajectory from horizontal to vertical.

The robust wheels have pneumatic tyres, which means the H-Stop® HVM system can be wheeled over uneven surfaces and once in position, the wheels can be locked to secure the HVM barrier in place, and unlocked to allow instant authorised vehicle access.

H-Stop® HVM system performance

A single 1200mm H-Stop® HVM unit is certified to protect against a 3,500kg vehicle at 48kph. It is the only system that can offer this level of HVM performance in a single rapid deployment unit.

A practical and convenient HVM system

Supplied in bright red as standard to provide a visual deterrent, the H-Stop® HVM system can be provided in a range of colours and customised with branding, advertisements or wayfinding to complement your event.

When not in use, H-Stop® HVM units push into each other like shopping trolleys, enabling compact and convenient storage.

For more information on the Husson H-Stop® and how our hostile vehicle mitigation solutions can help to keep people safe at your event, get in touch.