Temporary hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers – Providing safer spaces for all

  • Logic Protect Zona™ 3

    A flexible and attractive temporary HVM system, the patent pending Logic Protect Zona™ 3

The benefits of the Logic Protect Zona™ 3 system include:

  • Robust HVM protection for a wide variety of events and publicly accessible locations (PALs)
  • Surface mounted with no foundations required
  • Locks into place in less than a minute
  • Attractive with a variety of colours and finishes available
  • Optional customisation for branding or advertising
  • Easy to reconfigure or redeploy in different locations
Technical specifications
Height Above ground: 900mm
Width of unit: 7200mm
Depth of unit: 600mm
Foundation depth: Surface mounted
Security rating: IWA 14-1:2013 V/2500[N1G]/48/90:1.9

Logic Protect Zona™ 3 

A flexible and attractive temporary HVM system, the patent pending Logic Protect Zona™ 3, is a surface mounted HVM planter that requires no foundations and can be locked into position by a trained technician in less than one minute.

Ideal for public realm events, publicly accessible locations (PALS), Zone Ex stadium security requirements, al fresco dining areas and low traffic neighbourhoods, Logic Protect Zona™ 3 consists of inline linear planter HVM modules, which can be installed on any level surface.

The HVM system locks into place quickly, thanks to Logic Protect’s patented rapid deploy locking system. The versatile temporary HVM system can also be reconfigured easily for redeployment in multiple locations, providing excellent flexibility for a wide range of security needs.

Patent pending (GB 2206284.8) with a registered design (UK00003760470), the decorative Logic Protect Zona™ 3 planters enhance practically any environment, while offering robust protection. The system is available in a variety of materials, including powdered coated, stainless steel and weathered steel. The HVM planters can also be customised for branding or advertising.

The result is excellent security performance with the added benefits of great aesthetics and potential commercial benefits. To find out more about how your HVM protection could benefit local businesses during your event, read our customisation case study here.