Temporary hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers – The Claw – Providing safer spaces for all

  • The Claw

    A drop and go temporary HVM security solution

Choose The Claw HVM solution for a system that offers

  • A pedestrian-friendly solution for rental or purchase
  • Drop and go, simple and versatile deployment
  • Tamper resistance
  • A galvanised finish as standard
  • No fixing or anchoring
  • Use as a standalone HVM solution
  • Customisation options including attachment of advertising or information boards, refuse bins or cycle racks
  • No need for guarding
For a simple and versatile hostile vehicle barrier, The Claw could be your ideal HVM choice. Speak to our team to find out more.

Technical specifications

  • Height: 1100mm
  • Depth: 2000mm
  • Width: 3000mm
  • Foundation Depth: 0 mm (surface mounted)
Security Rating:

IWA 14-1:2013
V/1500 (M1)/64/90:4.7
V/3500 (N1)/64/90:8.2
V/7200 (N3C)/32/90:1.2 (2 no. Side by side)
V/1500 (M1)/80/90:7
VADS certified

Designed for simple deployment with no assembly required, The Claw HVM system from Highway Care Security is ideal for a variety of installation environments including sports venues and stadia, music events, city centre events, vacant properties and temporary road closures. It is also commonly used by the military and was also deployed to help enforce social distancing measures during the pandemic.

A surfaced mounted security, safety and crowd management system, The Claw requires no fixing or anchoring and can be repositioned quickly and simply by an authorised member of personnel. Crash and delay standard tested, The Claw temporary HVM barrier offers robust safety and security without looking aggressive or intrusive. We can even customise The Claw for you with your chosen branding or advertisement.

At Crowdguard, we can help you understand your risk with a threat, vulnerability and risk assessment (TVRA) and advise you on appropriate and proportionate HVM protection, along with the right location for your HVM systems. The Claw, can be used as a standalone system or in combination with other hostile vehicle mitigation barriers and temporary security measures. Our team of trained and experienced technicians bring all equipment to site and install it for you, adhering to our strict quality assurance processes. We then de-rig the installation when it is no longer required.

Technical data


IWA 14-1:2103 Rated

IWA14 Test Data
Test No.DateVehicle ClassImpact SpeedImpact AngleImpact EnergyVehicle Penetration
IWA-14-1:029/1928/03/2019M1 (Car – 1,500kg)64 km/h90°237 kj4.7 m
IWA-14-1:046/2028/05/2020M1 (Car – 1,500kg)80 km/h90°370 kj7.8 m
IWA-14-1:030/1928/03/2019N1 (Truck – 3,500kg)64 km/h90°553 kj8.2 m
IWA-14-1:035/19*09/09/2019N3C (18t Truck – 7,200kg)32 km/h90°284 kj1.2 m